Is there a willing audience?

I’ve written a book and prepped a presentation to give workshops from a Catholic perspective on dealing with addiction to pornography. It seems you can find Protestant materials on the subject everywhere, but there is a void when it comes to Catholics.

As I polish the materials and get ready to put them to use, I am left wondering if this is something that would actually be consumed by the Catholic public. The idea would be to have the book for sale on Amazon and to also give these workshops in person at individual parishes for the cost of $20-$25 per person - just enough to cover the cost of materials and a bit of my time.

The goal is not to make money, but to help folks dealing with this issue. In fact, I wanted to keep the cost low enough that parishes could either subsidize or even cover all of the cost for attendees.

The real questions is: will people actually come and participate in something like this?

Thoughts and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

My understanding is that this was well received:

I don’t know if that helps at all.


Also Matt Fradd, sometime guest on Catholic Answers radio show, has a ministry, book and videos regarding pornography.

But I suppose there’s always room for one more. :thumbsup:

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