Is there a women-version of Fr. Larry Richards book "Be a Man!"?

I was reading in a thread about a man who got the book and I was wondering if there is a book similar to “Be a man!” by Father Larry Richards but for women.

Any recommendations?

Stacy Mitch has written the Courageous series:
*]Courageous Women
*]Courageous Virtue
*]Courageous Love
*]Courageous Generosity
And Kimberly Hahn has a series on Proverbs 31:
*]Chosen and Cherished
*]Graced and Gifted
*]Beloved and Blessed
*]Legacy of Love

Is that the type of books you’re looking for?

Kimberly Hahn’s series, yes! I went to amazon and took a “look inside” the books. Thank you very much!

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