Is there an app for this forum?


Is there an app for this forum or do I need to keep logging in and out? It would be great it there were an easier way.


I’m not aware of an app for the forum. I don’t use it on the phone much, so I don’t know haw big a problem that might be (logging in each time?).


I moved this over to site feedback.

No, I don’t believe there is an app, but if you are using it on your home computer or a phone/tablet, you should be able to stay logged in even after closing your browser. There is some sort of “Remember me” button. I never have to log back in.


I use it on my phone and it continually logs me out. Thanks for moving my question to the right spot.


That’s strange. Are you clicking the “Remember me” button and it’s still doing that? Has it been awhile since you restarted your phone?

It might also have to do with your cookie or security settings.


I’ll look into that.


Someone else just had this problem recently. If none of these suggestions help, then ask the webmaster.


I access this forum only by using my phone and have not had to log in for months. As another poster noted, check the remember me box.



So I just logged in to respond to you. There is no remember me option or anything. I’ll just deal with it I guess.


Iphone? If so, check and see if you are in Private browsing mode.



Good call! I am in the private browsing mode. Never even occurred to me.


Try touching it once. It should change color. Log back in and see if you stay logged in. I believe that is what helped me to stop having to log in every time.



I’ll give it a shot.


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