Is there any case at all for abortion?


I teach Theology at a Catholic high school and recently had a disagreement with a colleague of mine concerning direct abortion. I maintained that there is never ever a case or situation where it is morally permissible to allow for direct abortion. My colleague maintained that the Church teaches that there are some extremely rare cases that may exist where abortion is permissible. My question is, are there any cases in any way whatsoever no matter how rare in which direct abortion is morally permissible? (I know I am right about this, but because I normally have the utmost respect for this person who is normally very orthodox in her understanding of Church teaching, I thought I would ask).

Spqr333 in the OC



I would agree with you: abortion is never morally allowable. There is the situation where conception takes place in the fallopian tube where it cannot possibly develop.

In such instances the Church allows the removal of the tube as a diseased organ. This though, is technically not what we would ordinarily understand as an abortion.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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