Is there any Eastern Catholic Clergy Posting Here?


No. The Pope definitively declared its universality.


May God bless you.


While you are free to disagree with @FatherSebastian, I suggest that it is unwise to do so with such a lack of willingness to listen to his explanations and with such confidence in your own position. Since he has been so kind as to reveal his actual identity to us, it is easy to determine his credentials. (You can find them [here.])( He has a PhD from the Catholic University of America. He has been entrusted, both before and after his ordination to the priesthood, with the formation of Roman Catholic seminarians. He teaches at the graduate level at one of the most conservative Roman Catholic colleges in the country. He has even taught at an FSSP seminary!

While you might not be able to match his education and experience, that doesn’t mean that he will always be right and you will always be wrong. It is just that a little bit of humility might be in order while considering his position, particularly when you accuse him of being opposed to the teachings of the Church.


Father isn’t dismissing the Catechism nor declaring it heretical. Eastern Catholics accept that the Latin Church is orthodox, but are not bound to use, in their own spiritual lives, the particular theological constructs of the Latin tradition. I can’t speak for Father, but I think he would say that much of the Catechism is good and well and true…but not relevant to his own spiritual life as a Melkite.


The Catechism was meant as a reference (and “sure norm”) from which local Catechisms could be written. It would be useless in that role for an Eastern catechism because it contains so little of the Eastern theological perspective. While I am impressed with the references to the different practices and perspectives of the East, it makes no attempt to give them equal treatment because that is not it’s purpose. Where the Eastern perspective is mentioned, it is really just to familiarize the Latin reader with the difference, not to explore it in depth. This is the reason that it is a Roman catechism.


Yes, we have to understand that from a pastoral perspective this makes sense…98% of Catholics belong to the Latin Church, and Rome itself is Latin, so if Rome is going to develop a catechism, it will tend to favor the Latin perspective.


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I think you are typically flagged by people who don’t know the faith very well.


Yes! The fact that @FatherSebastian is a Catholic priest should be enough for most. But for those who need more, the fact that he’s a Senior Fellow at the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, taught at the FSSP Seminary, teaches at Christendom College, etc. should shut people down.

I’m a Latin Catholic and I stand by @FatherSebastian

@FatherSebastian, please do not leave us.

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