Is there any evil from Satan that God cannot bring about a greater good?

Is there any evil from Satan that God cannot bring about a greater good? My view is that there is not, and I think this has a lot of implications. Things like porn, prostitution and even abortion, God can bring good out of them or has a good reason for allowing their existence! In due time they will expire!

What’s your opinion?

well if God couldn’t somehow bring good out of these things he probably wouldn’t have allowed them to happen, or maybe its just because of our free will.:shrug:

A belief in divine providence is intrinsic to Catholic thought. That is, God’s rulership over the course of events. So St.Paul wrote that “in everything God works for good” (Rom 8:28).
We could ask a different question and ask how God works for good in some particular evil thing–but sometimes the answer in a particular case is that God knows, but don’t know. But we can know that God brings good out of evil things.

Thanks for your response! I think this can go back to Adam and Eve in our downfall and original sin. In certain Jewish circles there is the belief that the fall is really a blessing in disguise, and that our end-state will be greater than what it would have been if Adam and Eve did not sin.

A good which is greater than all evil is free will - without which we could not be persons capable of love.

But freewill is still tainted with the evil of temptation and enhanced by our conscience. Can God still bring about a greater good when we give in to our temptations?

Yes because is God the Alpha and Omega. He always has the last word! :slight_smile:

I agree that we must all be righteous and fight evil when it’s at our doorstep, but I also contend that at some point we can all sit back and chill to the multitude of the world’s problems because God has everything under control! It’s profound to really think this!

Satan and his crew, there is no greater good for them.

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