Is there any Extra-Biblical information on John the Baptist?


Among the apocryphal writings, do any of them give us more information on John the Baptist? I assume that he was such an interesting individual, and would love to read any Church traditions that are available on him.

Does anyone know of any?


This article from the Catholic Encyclopedia might give you a start: John the Baptist. :slight_smile:


Try Flavius Josephus Antiquities and the is also apocrypha called “the life of John the Baptist”


The Protoevangelium of Jameshas a little info about Zacharias, Elizabeth, and John, paragraphs 22-24.


The Life Of Christ by Anne Catherine Emmerich. Think it’s in volume two.


Thanks a lot, guys!!!


This is less then 300 years ago so you cannot count a recent private revelation as extra-biblical information.
I don’t happen to believe what she said anyway.


She is a Saint and there is no reason to believe she was lying about what she saw or heard. As private revelation you are free to believe or disbelieve what she reported. I can’t figure out why it wouldn’t beextra-biblical as it is outside of the Sacred Scriptures. Maybe you are reading extra-biblical to be extra info in addition to what is in the Bible but from sources written at the same time claiming to be Gospels.


I now add the disclaimer her apparitions are not church approved.


Extra-biblical does NOT mean 1700 years later!!
By the way Anne Emmerich is not a saint (at least she has not be declared a saint by the Church).


She’s blessed thought.

She was beatified on October 3, 2004, by Pope John Paul II. Though like most Catholics here, we don’t have to believe in private revelations of saints. I think there are some truths in Blessed Catherine Anne Emmerich. To be sure, if I die in the state of grace, I’ll ask her in heaven to be certain. :smiley:


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