Is there any flameless incense?

I need (don’t need but would like) some form of flameless incense for my little prayer corner something that isn’t too overpowering I would just get fake electric candles but that won’t really help me worship at all. It is an added bonus if it is aesthetically pleasing, too.

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You can put out some incense cones or sticks but do not light them. Some of the scent will get in the air.

Wax melts perhaps? Along these lines…


Could you perhaps find some way to take regular incense (the kind used in churches) and get and keep it warm, without igniting it? I have to think that some of the scent would drift into the air within the immediate area. I also wonder if those “plug-in” scent dispersers come in aromas similar to incense. That would be a little cheesy, perhaps, but better than nothing.

You can get the scent from wax melts or by diffusing essential oils. The burning part of incense is important, burning represents sacrifice. That does not mean that you cannot have a pleasant scent in your home.

Diffuse frankincense and myrrh essential oils. It’s a lot safer for you than the fragrance oils found in many candles and wax melts.

Can you have at least one (preferably beeswax) candle lit? You don’t have to leave it lit unattended.

This is what I do, using a device intended for this purpose. Mine is shown below but a scented wax warmer or even a butter warmer would work. The scent will start filling the room in about five minutes.

You put the incense in the basket and a lit tea light in the flat place on the base. Just a few grains is enough—no need to fill it completely!

While I would prefer to actually burn the incense, The Husband is sensitive so I can’t. This is the compromise we reached.


I’ ve been thinking about trying one of those. I’ve been using incense cones, but I’d love to use real incense. I don’t have enough ventilation in my room to light real incense. How often do you have to replace the incense granules?

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Incense cones are “real” incense, just a different kind. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been heating the same three grains of Orthodox resin incense for at least two years, but my usage is extremely irregular—I’ll use incense during prayer every day for several weeks then not again for a few months. Note also that Orthodox incense grains are often (much) larger than Catholic resin incense. If you’re using the latter you might have to change the grains more often.

Others may have different experiences. YMMV. I do advise using a warmer dedicated to this purpose and not one that you’d also use to warm, for example, butter (ewwww).

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Does it involve fire in any way or have the potential to burst into flames

No, I wanted to get a beeswax candle and have it blessed and use that. But I guess my Grandparents are uncomfortable with flame.

Well, for the kind of warmer I have you do need a candle. I keep the incense basket at least two inches (5 cm) above the flame and have never had the grains ignite.

Electric warmers are also available. An example appears below. These eliminate the need for the candle but do require access to a power source. I have no experience with these and cannot vouch for their effectiveness.

People online suggest using a little oil (clear carrier oils not essential oils) with those kind and adding a few granules of resin incense to create your own incense oil.

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In principle, that should work. In practice? Only one way to find out. :grin:


Do educate yourself before diffusing oils, there are some that are dangerous to pets and some that are dangerous to humans.

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I’ve never seen anything like this before (excuse my ignorance) , so what is it called so I can search for it as it is a really good idea and I’d like to try it.

Another thought is to buy a bottle of incense perfume fragrances Here are a few suggestions.

Oud Pour Lui by Alyssa Ashley,
Full Incense by Montale,
Avignon by Comme des Garcons,
Cardinal by Heeley. Messe de Minuit,
Incense Pure - Sonoma Scent Studio-

Best to find a perfume that you like personally like to spray in the room during prayer.


I was able to get this and/or similar devices to come up in a Web search by using the following terms:

  • incense warmer
  • incense warmer candle
  • incense warmer tea light

When I bought mine I found it by using a search term in French, but that would obviously yield results related to merchants in Francophone countries :blush:

I chose the one I have in order to keep some sort of exposure to the flame. A warmer without a perforated incense basket, like the one shown below, would be easier to maintain.

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