Is there any myspace for catholic

I just wording is there any site like myspace for catholic that dose not cost:o

Check out It may be what you’re trying to find. God bless!


I also recommend Facebook which has many Catholic groups.

Yep. I am on facebook myself.

I belong to a few groups. “Like I love the Pope” or “Saving myself for marriage” or “Rosary groups”.

Pretty much anything is up there to join and if you don’t like one then can make your own…just don’t forget to invite me!

We will soon be launching a Catholic video sharing and community web site, a “Catholic YouTube.” It will have some ‘Facebook’ capabilities. Unlike YouTube, the site will be monitored, so no garbage. We hope to make this web site an important resource for Catholics and a very valuable tool for the new - and rapidly evolving - evangelization!

If you want a sneek peak, the development site is: Please understand that this is not a finished product, but a work in progress. We want to get some feedback, etc. prior to making the beta version available to the public.

Also, we are looking for some early adopters to sign up and volunteers to upload videos.


check it out

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