Is there any mystical symbolism in Christ falling three time during His passion?


I think many would agree that numbers have a deeper spiritual meaning in the scriptures, especially in Jewish Mysticism, but I was wondering what the spiritual significance of falling three times might be, if any?

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The three falls are not scriptural, so they can have no “deeper spritual meaning in the scriptures.”

Some more recent theologians have suggested that the three falls evokes the fall of Adam - the state of fallen humanity - and the mystery of Jesus’ own sharing in our fall. Additionally, in his First Letter, Saint John speaks of a threefold fall: lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life.


In Hebrew culture, the 3 symbolized perfection. My thinking would be that falling three times would signify the ultimate, perfect sacrifice of the Lamb.
Franciscans began the Stations of the Cross devotion. You might find more info there.


It might interest you to know that the three falls of Jesus in the Stations of the Cross is all that’s left of the medieval idea that Jesus fell seven times on the way to Calvary. (‘Fell’ here is used in a very broad/loose sense, since some people also considered events such as Jesus being condemned to death or lying dead under the cross - having been taken down from it - to be one of the seven ‘falls’.)


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