Is there any official Church stance regarding regular attendance of Protestant services?

To provide a bit of background for this question, I am a very recent convert to the Catholic faith (I was baptized this past Easter). I was raised in a Pentecostal home, and my family all serve leadership roles of some kind in the Assemblies of God church. Since I converted, I have been attending mass and, immediately afterward, going to my parents’ Pentecostal service with them. The decision to continue going to their church was based on my own worry that they might think our faiths were opposed in some way, or that we could no longer share our faith lives at some level. But after months of this, I am now worried that my attendance of their services could be interpreted as a tacit approval of Pentecostal doctrine. Most of my family, especially my parents, assume doctrine does not matter and instead it only matters that you have faith. I’m worried that my attendance reinforces that idea.

To keep this from becoming an “I need advice” question, I will instead specifically ask: “Does the Church take any official stance on regular attendance of Protestant services?” Should I be instead declining to attend, and explaining (graciously) my reasons for doing so?

Dear friend,

There doesn’t seem to be a specific official Catholic admonition for what you are asking. You sound like an informed Catholic and are strong in your faith. I agree that your continued presence at your family’s church does reinforce your family members’ notion that doctrine does not matter.

Perhaps you might share with them that the Mass you attend is not just another religious service and that you sincerely believe that there is nothing on the face of the earth that can compare with what happens on the altar—and that this have been happening for over 2000 years.

You know your family better than I and what would impress and not insult. But sharing the uniqueness what you have found might be what the Lord is asking of you—at a moment when they are most likely to be a little open to it.

We will keep you and your family in prayer.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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