Is there any point in going to college? Is it even WORTH IT? Please help!

I’m curious.

I’ve been out of school for about 2 years.No college plans, no job. I apply and apply and nothing.I’m not the smartest kid. I have no amazing talent. I have absolutely NO IDEA, NOT ONE BIT of what to college for, or to even waste my time and go!! I always hear adults saying it’s worth it and how it helped them, all my former peers set on what they wanted to do since they were children, Doctors, Nurses, Journalists, Business people…and then, there’s me. I don’t know what to do! I have no one to reach out to, I would be the first person in my family to go to college, and I am the second eldest of 5 girls, My parents did not go so they can’t help me with my questions, they are citizens of the US but not originally from here, my eldest sister is working, she went straight to work, I have no friends to turn to, no teachers,no one. I have God, but I’m seriously such a chimp I can’t understand if he is trying to tell me something! It’s driving me crazy!! I have anxiety problems, I over think things wayyyy tooo much and that leads me to be sooo angry, and snap at everyone over anything. I can’t drive well and don’t have my license, the college I want to go to is not too far but the city bus does not get there. There are just too many obstacles, I, I am just so confused.:crying:

And with this attitude I KNOW I won’t get far. I just, can’t help it. I have been thinking of going for Communications, because I feel the road is wider with that degree and it will be very useful. I am just so scared of even applying, I have anxiety so all the stress is magnified. I refuse to take medication because that will only get me hooked, even the Doctor said. If you have the patience and you somewhat know about this mess i just wrote or relate, please help me out.

I can’t stop beating myself up, i go through so much feelings of worthless ness daily. I felt terrible when my mom paid 60 bucks for my asthma medication yesterday. Im 19!!! I should be helping them!!! There is a college expo today in a couple of hours, I might be able to go. Did you go to college? How did you pay for it? Was it worth it?? I live with the fear of the world ending soon and all this being completely worthless. I am a mess :confused:

Yes, if you are of normal intelligence you should at least get a bachelors degree. You will only get but so much respect if you don’t have a college education.

I disagree. Your educational focus should rather be on a skill that 1) is going to be in demand for the next 20-30 years; and, 2) is something that you can do. Not everything requires a bachelor’s degree; in fact, many BAs/BSs are a waste of time and money. An EMT certification, for example, can provide a good career. Heck; I may have provided at least two full truck payments for our air conditioning serviceman, and I guarantee that he doesn’t have a BA. HVAC-trained people will always be able to find work. Ditto plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, computer technicians. Consider enlisting in the military and learning a skill there. But don’t contract the debts involved with a college education just because society says that it’s cool to have a degree.

Pray on it and do what you feel is best. I see both sides here – I have friends who have Masters in certain fields and yet they STILL start out at the same rate of pay as those fresh out of high school. On the other hand, a dear family friend didn’t even finish high school and went on to be a VERY successful businessman, owning half the businesses in my town. So you just never know which way it’s going to go, but one thing I really want to stress to you is… you need to really calm down a little bit, lol. Stop worrying so much. You are young and you can do anything you set your mind to doing.

Praying for ya!!

My advice would be to check the job market out first. I know a lot of people with college degrees that can’t get a job in there chosen field. I went to college and now I have a job that doesn’t require it, the same goes for many of my high school freinds. I think many parents see college as the best choice every time. Do your research and RELAX. Btw google "quarter life crisis "

Take a deep breath girl!

You seem to be under the impression that people go to college having everything all figured out. You do not have to declare a major to begin college. You can start off slow at a community college too. It is usually less expensive, and you can test the waters of what your interests are. There are basic classes that everyone starts off with, and you can fine tune from there.

But people are correct when you say that you probably need college. It used to be that you needed a high school diploma. The world has changed. Now, you need college for most things. Not everything–you could learn a trade I suppose, but for the most part, you do need a degree.

Education is priceless. I am currently unemployed due to the job market but besides my faith and my family, my education is the most important thing in my life, and I am saying that sitting on top of a 20,000 student loan debt.

I have a 3 year-old daughter and it is my hope that she will at least attain a college degree. Even if she wants to start a business, be an artist, be a plumber, or whatever, she needs the foundational learning that takes place in higher education.

I think you should seriously consider a type of vocational training. There are many jobs that cannot be filled because EVERY student is going to college, thus flooding the schools and driving prices up. You can go to welding school and get hired for 80K jobs before you even finish school! I am serious! These are good trades, too. Mechanical stuff is always going to break down and if you can fix it, you can make a good living. Plumbers are also in demand.

But first my dear young person, you have to STOP beating yourself up! The economy is really bad right now and many very qualified and over-qualified people are looking for work. Employers are afraid to hire because of all the regulations that are due to start being enforced over time.

At the very least, start with community college - there are 2 year degrees for technical trades and other jobs, and the cost is about half of a 4 year college. Then if you do find something you want to do, you can transfer as a junior and just have 2 years of specialized classes to take. But make sure you talk at length with the college counselor to make sure ALL of the credits will transfer. You don’t want to waste your time and money if the courses won’t count. You can work your way through school. I started taking one class at a time, at night, while I worked full time during the day. Some people can handle more than that, but I just took my time. I’m glad I have my BA but I haven’t used it, have been raising kids for 21 years. :slight_smile: I was the first in my family too. I went straight to work after high school and then I ended up working for a boss who encouraged me to go for my degree.

Whatever way you go, you can succeed if you have the drive and ambition to do it. This is still the best country in the world in which to make your own success in life.


oh and p.s. Communications is not a great major, it’s over-supplied. Try something in the harder sciences. Could you maybe do nursing? Always in demand.

Biggest mistake I ever made was going to college full time immediately after high school.

Find a job, work for a few years, and maybe take night classes if you like. There’s no need to rush things. You might find a major you like better that will provide better employment options and you won’t be taking out huge loans to fund an education that you aren’t interested in and you don’t want. You can finish out your degree or find a new one when you want to.

Another thing to consider. Folks are saying that you can make a good income even without a college degree and maybe this is so but would such a career be a vocation for you? Would you find passion in it?

There is more to life than money.

Terrible, awful advice.

But it would fall like honey onto the ears of a young person I will give you that.

Shame on you. :frowning:


For discouraging the education of a young person.

It is NOT terrible advice. I worked my way through college and had ZERO debt when I finished. I was more serious, more dedicated, more mature, and finished summa cum laude (although not awarded b/c I had too many transfer credits).

There are many ways to make a future for oneself in this great country of ours.

That’s not what I posted.

There are many benefits to working for a few years before entering college, or working while going to college part time. Plunging into it immediately before knowing what degree to pursue or developing interest in a field is an easy way to rack up thousands in debt and get very little in return.

Because everyone and their dog has gone to college and has a degree, and can’t get a job, and knows nothing else but what they have learned in classrooms, this country will have a vocational and skilled trades crisis on its hands in about a generation.

Something as simple as finding a good cobbler is nearly impossible these days. You know - those guys who repair shoes? These are not just menial labor jobs - these are people with skills and artistry!! The guy who did the ceramic tile work in my bathroom last week is truly a skilled artist!! And the people who know how to do this type of work is dwindling - they are all in their late 40s or 50s — we need to be training young people to do this work, passing on the skills and the talent that will be totally lost because everyone thinks that a college degree is far superior.

Not everyone is cut out to go to school - don’t sweat that. Find something you really love to do, and make a living at it. You may not end up a millionaire, but you will be happy and fed. What more can one ask from life? How many with tens of thousands of debt due to school can say the same? :slight_smile:


Taking “a year off” is also the path of millions of the young leading into a lifetime of waiting tables.

I don’t think he was discouraging her so much as saying she need not rush things.

Going to college after HS isn’t rushing things. That’s what kids are supposed to do.

That is a very American notion. There are plenty of countries where kids finish school and then travel, serve in the military, or do something else for a bit, and then go to university. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.


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