Is there any special psychological techniques from the monks to abstain from carnal temptations?


I heard some foods like meat and chicken make people have more lust urges.


When does it start to lessen? I’d really, really like to know.


Yes, marriage is the intended solution.
Where is it written that marriage was wait till middle age or older?


It’s not wise to rush into marriage… and obviously you have to find the right partner too.

I also think it’s dangerous to teach young single Catholics “marriage is the answer to sexual frustration”… a) Catholics who wish to space children will need to abstain for long periods of time and b) Many married couples have limited, difficult or otherwise frustrating sex lives. Point is… sexual discipline will always be difficult and will always be required regardless of one’s state in life.


My question is for the op, what are his reasons for not marrying.

Why is he studying chastity. Is it a private vow, is he in a seminary, what’s the reason.

My question had no meaning about get married asap.

I don’t believe he is that young either.


Sweet heart,
it depends but guys in their 40’s are taking VIAGRA., If guys smoke or overindulge in alcohol on drugs, it changes the positive effect. Some guys start e ERD in 50’s.
In Christ’s Love


Follow the Army’s recipe for making coffee and you’ll be fine.


They don’t see half naked women regularly.


I belong to a very impulsive breed and genetics.
My father and another father’s son had many women. In my case, the opposite is true. I punished my Adam by a long-term abstinence and sexual starvation, long-term self-discipline . This is epithymia, catharsis, and purification for my spirit and body.
I’m over 40, the later I get married the better it is for me.
I used to think that with age, sexual impulses get smaller and smaller, but I was wrong.
Sinful fantasies and sinful thoughts pursue not less than in youth.


Thanks! Off to the store to get some scotch.


Say the Rosary every day, closest to the time you fall most frequently.

Stay near others you know and always be in a group as long as you can.


The flip side is that some people have less sexual impulse to begin with, so it’s easier to nip it in the bud because it was less of a priority. Notice I don’t say it’s no priority, just less of a compelling factor than it might be for the person next door.


Actually sexual desires do lessen with age as hormone’s that trigger desire become less.

It’s why viagra is a market item for older men, usually over 50.

It doesn’t go away 100%, but nothing compared to when a man is 18 years old.

It’s all part of nature. Young men and women pro-create as older couples will come to an end. Not being able to procreate doesn’t mean a married couple can’t still have sex.



Old age of some people is not always accompanied with chastity.
There are people who even in old age are not a decent way of life.
At least, if God forbid something like this happens, I’ll tell - Oh, God - remember the years of my youth! My youth, my best years were feats and search for chastity for the sake of You!

Yea, but the old age of course is beautiful when you collect fruits, when you’re surrounded by children and grandchildren.
Sometimes I think (forgive me Lord) that those who have sinned and have children from different women are not as sinful as those who have lived life alone, but have not been pro-creative.
Of course this not applies to those who were true winners in the fight with flesh.


The fact of the matter is that I believe that sexuality is a gift.
Sexuality may be as unbridled as horse on which you have to be able to ride, but the artificial way to stop it is against the nature. Hyper-sexuality should be curbed, and in the victories over it there is a beauty.


Sometimes I think that there are incorrigible sinners , sins for which there is simply no medications.
No, the deliverence for such a sinners can be the epitimia by disability, or war, or sacrifice themselves in hazardous areas.
And if sin is stopped in a person’s life by some misfortune, then it is good for the soul of this person.
I mean, there are people for whom repentance can only be through suffering.


Are you being hard on yourself? If you plan marriage later, it is more difficult to sync w your wife. Plus, the blessing of children is a little short changed. The older you get, you can’t catch the little blessings when they run from you. A wife, after 36yo has a chance for Down’s syndrome. Older women have older eggs.
Did you think you’d follow in your families shoes?? Believe in God working in you. Seeing Your Mom going through some effects frim your Dads adultery could be a reason you are chaste.
We are still chaste when married. Blessings t have benefits. You have a partner to help you w frisky moments.
Start to live in Christ in the fulfillment of God’s plan for you.
In Jesus name
Have you forgiven your father??


I don’t know about food.
My father believes that not “viagra” but "rapany"help the potency. Not even the shrimp but rapany, and they are at the fish markets much cheaper than viagra at the pharmacy.
I am very glad that I do not live near my father, and that he and my brother live in another city. At all they have not good impact on me.
They are very far from religion and from the deeds of chastity.
About food I think all food affect the potency, even ordinary living water from the well has all the elements of food.
I have a strong lunch, and instead of dinner, I just drink a lot of water.
I am engaged in combat sport, and it very much helps me. Every time I come tired from training and it’s good.
I speak several languages, acquired skills, have a passive income. Living alone, I may have achieved something.
I’m not saying I’m complaining about my autonomy. I’m comfortable, but of course this is not a normal phenomenon.
The man created for the woman, and certainly it is high time to get married even I am late-comer, but long overdue.
Of course, it’s time to get married.


Yeah, you’re right about the unhappy marriage of my parents.
I forgave my father, but our Slavic tradition of forgiveness is probably different from Anglo-Saxon. At us to forgive it means - to help, give money, to support.
But I believe that the person who worked all his life, was obliged to collect his old age and as they say"on a rainy day".
I’m sorry, but the sexual lust in a person’s life has its consequences of the law of sowing and reaping. People are responsible for their choices.
Just when old age and need comes, parents remember that they find themselves having children, and instead of helping children, they want their help.


Over eons, parents need help in old age. God says you better. Honor thy Father and the Mother & you will have a long life in the land. Parents don’t push your children to frustration!! HMMM!’
Do take care of your parents, when aged. Even if they are addled minded. SOULFUL!
If marriage is in your plans, start now.
For physical Chastness, you could ask a doctor for SALTPETER. It’s a compound that decreases libido. If you use over time will you be making your God given function not work, when off the med.
In Christs love
NORUCK=Romanian toast.
DASVADANIA=Russian toast(?)
Gormachus-Republic of Georgia toast.
PROST=German toast.
SALUDE=Italian & Spainish toast.
Which Slavic country are you from.??

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