Is there any special psychological techniques from the monks to abstain from carnal temptations?


I’m sorry, I know it’s common in America, and in my culture, the phrase “go to the doctor” sounds to me like, " you’re out of your mind, so you need a doctor."
No offense, but I think these people are just pulling money out of you, and you can do without them.
In general, the Western world, and our modern world is too obsessed with medical solutions to problems that often help by charlatan methods only to pull money from you.
The Aramaic world of Biblical times or the" civilization of faith " is very different from our world.
In Biblical civilization, for example, if a woman could not have children, she did not go to the doctor but to God.
Today’s psychologists and neurologists would send many saints and prophets to a psychiatric hospital.
In my opinion, psychoanalysts and neurologists should not always be trusted.
Sexologists, for example, would make a poor diagnosis and to Don Quixote, and the Virgin Mary.

No, my parents don’t need help in their old age , trust me.
Even if to consider that I have not received any money in my life from parents, I do not ask for any money from my father, although his wages and opportunities could become a millionaire today.


About the risk of future partner not to get pregnant , it probably still leads to my another problem. You’re giving advice on the understanding of a couple that’s aproaximately the same age, and I prefer a young bride, and that’s probably another of my problems.
I’m too carnal, I understand that the big age difference is undesirable, but I couldn’t compromise my dream of marrying to a young bride.
If we’re the same age, I just don’t see the point in marriage.
Why take on a heavy responsibility suitcase, and even a suitcase without a handle.
Youth is gold! A young wife is hard(I know for example by my friends) but I have no idea why I had to marry a woman approximately my age.
It is better then to study monastic life, if God does not give me a young bride.


I remember that modern medicine is able to tame sexual lust, and I reminded a fragment from a long ago read book “Eros and the Jews”

  • " In one fascinating passage , Judah the Hasid declares that even if one could lessen sexual desire by taking some kind of medicine , it would not be permitted: " The relatives of an adulterer once came to the wise man to request that he do something to prevent the adulterer from committing adultery. The wise man said, “I could give him something to eat so that he would not have any desire, but I am not allowed to do so, since he would then not have sexual relation with his wife, even if he already has sons; and if he does not have a wife, he might still take one”. Thus, there is no legal recourse in this case. Excessive sexual desire is regarded as a physical disease, the result of a legitimate drive gone wild, a kind of erotic cancer. Yet so commited is Judah to marital sex that he prefers adultery to some form of chemical castration."

Although other quotes from the ancient Jewish heritage are quite harsh.
In “Zohar” carries the Talmudic structures against male masturbation to an even greater extreme - as equivalent to sex with a forbidden woman, both being forms of “destruction of seed.” While all other sins , including even murder , are susceptible to repentance , masturbation is beyond atonement: “What is the reason? They kill other people, but this one literally kills his own sons.”

Another Rabbi says " Whoever emits semen nonprocreatively deserves capital punishment " . Similar , the biblical verse “your hands are filled with blood” is taken to refer to those who “fornicate ( that is, masturbate) with their hands.”

Anyone who looks at the little finger of a woman is as if he looked at ( her genitals)

According the book “Eros and the Jews”, for some Jewish theologians of antiquity - masturbation( destruction of seed) is equivalent to idolatry.


This was interesting. I’m confused. I didn’t think Jews wanted young brides? That was Islamic. But the literature you are reading is Jewish. This text about non-productive semen, would explain Beastiality. I wondered why Muslims would be friendly w animals. I thought why to myself,” Is there some cultural rule that you worship semen and can’t waste it. Somewhere in that book, it must say,”Don’t abuse animals!”

  You shall have no other God’s before me. That elevates sperm to a god. It’s a natural body fluid. Sex is a function within marriage to procreate. Thank God human sperm doesn’t join animal eggs. This is so revolting and an abomination to God. If Homosexuality is an abomination, surely being intimate w an animal is double an abomination. 
  That brings another curious thing, in Islam, raping 6 yr old boys. That is Pediophilia! That is worse than Homosexuality. But, they’ll stone an 18yo Gay kid but assault a six yo boy.?? 
 We, as children, learn our parents cultural ideologies. As a child, you are innocent till contaminated by evil.It puzzles me why you didn’t marry a 17 yo when you were 20yo. 

I’ve seen 10-15 yrs difference and it works. But the young woman is a woman of 18yo, not a child. Anything under 16 is pediophilia.
Saltpeter isn’t a drug that stays in your body. It stops function while it is being taken. So, your not wasting sperm is a non issue. It may prohibit the production of sperm. So you are saving your sperm till you need it.
I hear the Talmud says terrible things about Jesus. I have not researched the Talmud. Who wrote it, that it is felt to be a worthy book?
I heard Jews kidnapped and killed Christian babies and drank their blood? There is a Saint Simon, a 2 yo that was martyred like that. If Simon’s parents went to church, leaving Simon at home alone, is so wrong. That is so wrong, leaving a2 yo at home alone! I’m not sure I believe this yet.
You come from a culture where some archaic behaviors were practiced. In Jordan, which is civilized, they don’t have bestiality. I think young marriages are 18 yo. So, marrying 8 & 9 yo’s Is a cultural disease. Some of the babies die on their wedding night. Can you picture an 8 you, looking at a grandfather image, spreading her legs…
What fear and pain before being ripped to shreds?
Sharia law was not Godly inspired. The Jews removed Sharia awhile ago.
Lord, Athanasly, needs guidance in his walk in life. He does strive for holiness and Chasity. But, his brain may entertain thoughts not Holy. Holy Spirit bring him to a sense of purity of mind, body and soul. St. Joseph, pray for Athanasly to be pure.
In Christ’s Love


Psalm 119;9 How can a young man keep his way pure?By guarding it according to thy word.
10 With my whole heart I seek thee; let me not wander from thy commandments!11 I have laid up thy word in my heart, that I might not sin against thee.12 Blessed be thou, O Lord; teach me thy statutes!13 With my lips I declare all the ordinances of thy mouth.14 In the way of thy testimonies I delight as much as in all riches.15 I will meditate on thy precepts,and fix my eyes on thy ways.
16 I will delight in thy statutes; I will not forget thy word.


A Dominican once taught this in a class I took from him, on this very matter:
Not suppression! Sublimation”.

It is useless to try to deny it, or forget it, or try to bury it inside of you. It is instinctive - deeper than chosen desires or intentional feelings - it is instinct and it will manifest itself. When it does, then you can respond positively with intelligence and with faith: channel those desires from mere physical, into holy and spiritual desires. Sublimate them to holy desires.

To do this, realize the spiritual meaning of sexual desire; meditate upon the Scripture - Eph 5, especially this:

Eph 5:31 “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.”
Eph 5:32 This mystery is a profound one, and I am saying that it refers to Christ and the church…

The conjugal union of husband and wife is a physical expression of the holy spiritual union of Christ and the Church. Do you feel an attraction toward some beautiful woman? Channel this to your holy call in Christ: see His desire for His Bride, the Church! See His holy love for her, His devotion to her, His outpouring of love for her on His Cross!

The Cross. This is love - this is the love to which we are called. The is the love that will endure to eternity. In eternity, in holy Beatitude, “there is neither marriage nor giving in marriage.” The holy union, the conjugal union of Christ and the Church - wholly chaste, wholly beautiful - is our vocation, our calling.

Yes, marriage in this life is holy, marital love is holy. Lust is not holy - neither in marriage, nor outside of marriage, is lust holy. Lust is disordered, but those feelings that tempt one to lust, can be sublimated instead, and sublimated immediately, into holy prayer for union in His Cross, in His love, for His Bride the Church.


that’s very good approach!

Lord, I rejoice w You today, for Your love. I thank You for the Chasity I can achieve w Your grace.
In Christ’s Love

Sometimes a note book w scripture verses in it to use at a testy moment, in your pocket. Plus, record the temptations and victories in it.
WHEN A THOUGHT HITS YOU, start your spiritual warfare w verses. Get involved in a project ASAP!
In Christ’s Love


This is a good idea. aAlso, including personal observations down when things are going well can help us get through the downswings of life, and writing things during those downswings can also remind us that life is a series of ups and down.


This article just turned up today, and I thought of this thread. It deals with controlling negative thoughts in general, but lust and concupiscence are included in that mix. It’s the old idea of nepsis, being consciously aware of our thoughts instead of going through life on mental auto-pilot. Can’t hurt to try.


When these thoughts hit, pray to Saint Joan of Arc for intercession. Also try switching the mind over to meditation on other relaxing, positive thoughts. One priest said this is when he imagines himself sailing off into a warm
day on his boyhood yacht. Daily Meditational prayer is an excercise in self control of the mind. You are focused in quieting your thoughts and directing them to God’s presence which helps relieve aggressive addictions in general.


The biggest technique was exhaustion! Monks coming in the door were kept very very busy. In centuries gone by, some of the Abbots would give their new charges a branch to smack their own leg if temptation started creeping in. Sleeping on beds of straw etc.

What they do now is hard to say. Maybe a watered down version of ye olden days. I imagine they still keep quite busy. If they stay on top of their prayers and the daily office, that I am sure helps a great deal.


Cures for Carnal Temptation?! Lobotomy and Castration. :hocho::grinning:



Some pretty amazing things can come about if you’re able to channel that energy…


Just from reading the thoughts of the ancient Hebrews one comes to the conclusion that procreatiin is more important than chastity, and is more important than monogamy.
According to this logic, рrо-creative copulation in fornication or adultery is less evil than masturbation.
And accordingly come to the conclusion that my penance, the pursuit of chastity,forced celibacy are worthless.
Probably , it’s indeed I should pray more, and i should read more Christian literature than Jewish one.


Hyper-sexuality it is a gift from God. Unfortunately I didn’t use it in a Pro-creative mission.


I’m wrestling. I recently won 2 silver medals in my age and weight division in the national championship. This evening I came after a workout, very tired. Yeah, you can’t go anywhere and you can’t do anything. I agree that fatigue and" to be always busy" useful.:+1: But the Spring after the Winter, in any case, as always, a season of crazy temptations of the flesh.:sweat:


Ah yes. I can identify with that statement and the diplomatic way it was presented!


The problem is that all these beautiful creations around us are the music. The music which is mesmerizing, the music which is bringing delight to the eyes. No, to be honest, to be self-controlled in Spring , is not easy than to die.


Yes, can be also useful just to go to the cemetery.
To pray in the cemetery and meditate on the insignificance ,brevity and transience of life.


Time to join the army :wink:

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