Is there any TV show which your family watches together?

It seems like an outdated concept--the family show. When I was growing up, my parents and I regularly watched TV together. Today, with the internet and video gaming, it seems that each family member goes off to do his or her own thing. But then, there are so few shows which are suitable for family viewing.

my family and I have a ritual of watching LOST every tuesday night, and jeopardy at dinner time.

my dad and I use to watch Charmed together on sunday nights. We use to get into debates on wether or not Chris was Piper and Leo's son

Extreme Makeover: Home Improvement, NCIS, Dancing with the Stars, Iron Chef America, Life on the Rock, to name a few.

we all watch Chopped, Goosebumps, Funny videos, Jeopardy, Cash Cab,Dirty Jobs

AFV and occasionally The Simpsons (minus the wifey-poo who is cooking din-din)

We don’t watch “live” TV much anymore, since our schedules rarely allow us to watch a program at its scheduled time, but we buy DVD sets to watch. Our two faves are “Early Edition” (we’re on Season 2) and “NCIS” (we’re on Season 3). It’s our nightly ritual–DS (age 16) sets up the DVD player, DH grabs the drinks and me the snacks and it’s party time! And even though we have the DVDs, there is an unspoken rule that NOBODY watches an episode without the whole family present! Doesn’t matter if DS is home alone or I am or I go to bed early and leave DH and DS up–those DVDs do not go into the player unless we are ALL present to watch! It makes it special for us!

NFL FOOTBALL! Go Bears! (although my traitor daughter likes the Packers).

And of course, figure skating anytime anywhere! We were all glued to the Olympics as much as possible, considering that we all work now. Rats, it's icky being a grownup. My younger daughter thinks that the U.S. ought to declare Olympiads as National Holidays so that everyone can stay home and watch non-stop!

American Idol. This season is a dud (I think that after Adam Lambert, everything else is a let-down!). But normally, we all love watching it and discussing the merits and flaws of the contestants.

This season, all of us are watching The Biggest Loser and cheering for our favorites. All of us are working on losing weight and/or getting in better shape as a direct result of watching The Biggest Loser.

We used to watch old classic movies w/ our kids on Saturday nights. :thumbsup:

Now that hubby and I are almost empty nesters, we usually watch The Office together on Thursdays.

Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters, Man vs. Wild, Good Eats, and Fight Science.

Yeah, we're geeks. :nerd::nerd::nerd::nerd::nerd::yyeess::kiss4you:

We like "Pawn Stars" and "American Pickers". It inspires to clean out the junk.

We like to watch Cash Cab, American Pickers, 24, Undercover Boss and Extreme Home Makeover. Anything that celebrates the good in humanity is tops. The one concession is 24, but the good guys usually do win in the end!

The rest of the time, I call up the Video Archives on EWTN and we can catch episodes of Journey Home, Life on the Rock, EWTN Live! or Sunday Night Live. I make sure to support EWTN and their Catholic entertainment is first rate and available whenever we are!:popcorn:

Cat - I feel your pain. As a diehard Packer fan, I have a son that likes the Vikings. :ouch:

My family and I will watch a lot children shows; Phineas and Ferb, Mickey, The Simpsons really whatever my son wants to watch. We watch movies more often than we watch TV shows though. However when football season starts though that is a different story. :thumbsup:

God bless

I don't watch too much tv, but here are some shows that we watch together (although not regularly):

Dirty Jobs
Modern Marvels
Cities of the Underworld
America Eats
Made in America
America's Funniest Home Videos
Planet Earth
The Universe
How the Earth Was Made
Packers/Badgers football :D


My two brothers and I have started watching Community together when we can, and that’s fast become a favorite. Our whole family watches The Office together (at least, we do on Thursdays when I’m home from college). In the summer, we usually manage to watch some Food Network on weeknights; Dinner Impossible is a favorite, and so is Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. And football. Football we watch together, unless Notre Dame (my favorite) is playing Michigan (my brother’s favorite) in which case we watch in separate rooms. :smiley:


Almost any Star Trek any series or movie BUT some episodes we eschew for obvious reasons e.g. excessive skin or moral relativist agenda.

My wife and I watch:

American Idol
Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell
Nancy Grace
Steve Wilkos
Little People Big World
48 hrs Mystery

Sure! “Dora the Explorer”, “Handy Manny” and “Imagination Movers”, and our favorite: all things Veggietales! :smiley:
For the record, my kids are 4 and 2 years old. :stuck_out_tongue: We’re pretty vigilant about what they watch. A friend’s 4 year old daughter asked her a few weeks ago “mommy, why isn’t your skin as nice as the Victoria’s Secret models?”. I thought that was disturbing and sad, and I am extremely careful with the stuff my children get to watch. Kids stuff only, and little-kids stuff at that.

My 2-year-old daughter likes Yo Gabba Gabba, so we watch that, unless she’s in a Blue’s Clues mood. We try not to watch grown-up TV before she goes to bed, but after her bedtime we like Chuck, Lost, and Doctor Who.

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