Is there any way to have your account deleted?


The title is self explanatory





delete the app, or detach the website from your browser history…like any social website, CAF will tell you when you are not longer welcome, but erasing your electronic footprint is like asking the Church to remove your baptismal records…speaking from experience, you’ll be back!


CAF does not have a delete option.


We love you and we’re gonna keep you forever…Really think about… your thoughts and input are most welcome…and I have read your posts…, …Take a little time, something must have upset you and I am sorry for that.Most of the people here are kind and considerate…If you do leave, I hope you come back…Prayers are with you…God bless::butterfly:


May I add, that I too hope this person will reconsider and remain. CAF id a PUBLIC Forum and many different personalities and degrees of civility are bound to exist here. It is besr not to take everything personally {even though attacks are such.}

God Bless you and guide you’re life path,


I hope that you change your mind and decide to stay around.

You’re a valuable member of this community!

May God bless you. :slight_smile:


Thank you all for your kindness.
May God bless us all


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