Is there any way we can prepare for a wedding in October?

Hello, I am getting married and would like to get married in a Catholic church. My fiance and I are both catholic. Our problem is that we would like to get married in October being that my sister (also my maid of honor) will be home from her career in S. Korea. My fiance and I didn’t know that you had to wait 6 months b4 you could get married. We have been engaged since Oct of 08 but weren’t sure when my sister would be back in the US until this month, so when we went to collect information they said we have to wait 6 months. I really want to get married in a Catholic church with my sister by my side. Her airline ticket is nonrefundable and is $2300! Is there anyway we can still get married in Oct? Thanks for the help!


If you begin your preparation now you will have almost six months. Check with other parishes regarding their preparation programs and requirements. For anyone reading this, remember to check with your parish FIRST before making wedding arrangements!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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