Is there anyone here who can cite something they dont like about their religion?


Be specific, and it has to be something your faith teaches and that you must accept to be in good standing.

If you dont have a problem with anything your faith teaches, was it always that way?

And lastly, have you ever had thoughts about starting up a new sect or religion?


Frankly, I had problems in the past with things the Catholic Church taught, from not eating meat on Fridays, to holy days of obligation, premarital sex, and contraception. In every single case, I didn’t like something because I didn’t want to do it. I finally realized that the problem was “I”. Some time ago I realized that it wasn’t my place to decide what was sin and what wasn’t and I came to believe that the Church was given the authority to us with the Truth. It then came down to me being obedient or not. My liking or not liking something is a problem with me and not a problem with the Truth. So, that’s where I am now.


Growing up I didn’t like the rules my parents had for me either. It felt like they were always trying to keep me from having fun or even from knowing what all adults know regarding certain subjects. Actually, I thought them to be dictatorial and old-fashioned. However I am now most grateful that they had rules and enforced them in a loving manner.

Being obedient to one’s parents or to God through His church is never easy when one’s focus is on “me, myself and I.”


I have issues with the fact that the Orthodox have a monoply on the kosher food market. And I’d like to see Conservative Jews place a greater emphasis on study and applying the commandments to their lives everyday. (me included).


I was unaware of this. They have a monopoly? you mean they are the only ones producing the stuff or that they are the only ones following it?:confused:


Actually, no; there is nothing in Catholic Church that I do not like. I love it all. I suppose if there was one thing I would change, it would be that priest’s allowed communicants to receive Our Blessed Lord kneeling. But apart from that, no, love her just the way she is.

I look at her as one might a beautiful porcelain figurine. I marvel at her enduring robust qualities, her inner beauty. He magnificent attraction, which I find addictive. Yes, I am a Catholic Church- addict. She is to me beautiful in every respect.

The perfect psychology. The perfect ritual. The perfect family, with all its trials and tribulations I have many friends whom I look upon as my brothers and sisters and I love them all.

Father keep her just the way she is :rolleyes:


I used to not have any issues with Catholicism when I was growing up. When I became an adult, however, life happened and so my view on religion changed. I never thought about starting up a new sect or religion, though. I was trying to figure out the religion that I was born and raised in. :wink:
Now that I’m on the road to recovery, slowly but surely, I still have issues with the Catholic Church’s stance on birth control and the “salvation is only achieved through the Catholic Church” clause but other than that, things are getting better. :slight_smile:


I have a number of friends who are practicing homosexuals.
I met them at a time I was lapsed from the Church, they are fantastic people in lots of ways and I continue to be good friends with them (though not as close as I was).

They have certainly taught me a thing or two about the good that can be brought out of suffering if one looks for ways to do so. They could’ve written the book on it. So yes, I’ve struggled a little with the Church’s teachings on homosexuality.

And equally so with the women priests issue - I come from a line of very strong, capable women so of course as a know-it-all teenager I questioned why the church wouldn’t let women be priests.

Over the last few years, though, I’ve come to see that God has his own plans and designs for us and our society, and that it usually does work out better when we follow it.

And no, of course I haven’t thought of starting a new sect or religion, though I lapsed in my Catholicism for nigh on a decade.


I’m not a very disciplined person, when it is something I have to self-monitor.
For example, I have started many a diet in the past, and failed due to lack of discipline.
There are other areas that I fail with due to no one else in charge of me but me.

So when it comes to discipline matters of the Church, I have always had issues with keeping them, and thinking that they are right, such as contraception, masturbation, pre-marital sex, gluttony, drunkenness, lust, all the things that give us selfish pleasure.

I truly understand God’s rules and the Church’s rules. It is discipline I lack.

I sin, as we all do. But I pray too that His Holy Spirit will help me gain more self-discipline, and over the last 3 years it has started working.

I am now on a diet, and have lost 4.5kgs in 2 weeks (sorry I don’t know that in pounds for all my American mates) and I hardly ever get drunk now.

The sex is all gone, but that is easy as I am single, but the sin of lust still prevails, but I am getting better, and pray about it.

Other than that, I love my Church, its rituals, its incense, its prayers, its candles, its Holy Days, fasting through Lent, Advent, celibacy of priests, the papacy, its community spirit, its Truth.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Shucks! you are the only one who has answered my query about starting up a new sect.

I was hoping I woud find someone who not only thought about it, but did it.

There is a guy in the neighborhood by a tavern who passes out invitations to meet him at the tavern on Wed. nights to find the real truth that he got in a dream last St. Patricks day in that very tavern. He calls himself the NEW st. Patrick sent here to take over his mission to our neighborhood. He stands on the corner and yells out to folks loudly to join him so they can again have joy in their lives. He has a reputation for letting his quests pay his bar tab.

He does not have an official name for his sect yet, (I asked him about it) as he needs to wait and see what visions he will get this St. Pats day to find out where his mission is headed next.


Beautiful JimO! Well said! :thumbsup: I completly concur! We kinda reach a level of maturity when we realize this don’t we?

While I have never thought of starting my own religion some of my friends keep joking that they are going to start “Geordaism” that will teach that God loves everyone and that we are all ignorant at times, but to stop abusing the privlege! I am not sure if this is based on my attitude or my ignorance… :confused: And no, I don’t want to hear your comments on this one! :smiley:


I mean they hold the majority of kashurt butchers and that most jews who keep kosher will only buy from an orthodox kosher butcher, even if the buyers themselves are not orthodox.


you think that Johnny Walker and Jack Daniel had anything to do with his visions?? :smiley:


Sometimes I don’t like that my religion doesn’t have a warm fuzzy personal deity, and that it doesn’t have promises of rewards for being “good”.

I sort of have started my own ‘sect’, it’s called Ardent Pantheism, and it is pantheism practiced as a religion rather than just a philosophical ideology.

It’s not very “organized” but there are others who are interested in doing the same, and we are cobbling together some rituals etc.



I don’t like how I feel that in the Catholic Church, everything is a sin, or at least it seems this way…How do we live??

All in all, I thank Jesus for this wonderful gift. :gopray2: And I wouldn’t want to be any other religion. I truly love my church. The holiness, the priests who give up their lives, The Sacraments, The Authority, Our doctrines, Our Pope, The Vatican, All it’s history, Adoration, The Blessed Sacrament, Bible class, Holy Hour, Church Christmas parties, but most of all, Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord.:gopray:

Did I leave anything out?? There is so much in the church.


Gregorian Chant, The Sacraments (Reconcilliation should quell any worry about everything being a sin IMHO) and incense, our art, icons, statues, all the sacramentals, all the Sacraments, all the charity done in the name of God through the efforts of the Church, on and on I could go.

And yes, I think it was Guiness that got The NEW st. Patrick fueled up.:wink:

PRO LIFE AND ANTI ABORTION advocates!!! so many more things…

OOPS you mentioned some of these things already!!!


Maybe I should start my own religion.

Enough people use my name in vain.

Oh, ummm, thats right, its when they are mad at me and shout my name in amongst expletives :o

Maybe I will stick to Catholicism hehehe


I guess I am guilty too. I have bought Kosher products and never guessed as to the political underhandedness you just brought to mind here.

I think I am going to find the non Orthodox producer next time so I can help make it fair.

My child likes Matzo, the chicken soup matzo stuff, and even some of the stuff I cant type cause it makes me sorta wonder why she likes it like the bean soup stuff? Yikes! But God love the kids, give em what they want in regard to food anyway. She even likes Hebrew National hot dogs.

I dunno. Maybe its a sign of something.



I think the submissive wife thing is killing me. That is probably the biggest sin in my life:eek: OOPs did I just admit that out loud:eek: :smiley: And the gossipping and/or talking too much. Not that talking too much is a sin but the more I speak the more chances for me to sin.:frowning: I LIKE TO TALK!!!

No I would never think of startin a new religion. GOD FORBID:eek:



I cant see anyone doing that to you, but I must take your word.

I think people who do that kind of thing DO have their own religion since its lacking religion to do it in the first place.

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