Is there anyone who feels called to a permanent celibate deacon as opposed to a priest?


As I’ve been discerning my religious vocation for about 2 years, I’ve really never felt called to the priesthood, either religious or diocesan. I felt more called to be a brother, but I have my reservations about that as well. My friend, who is a seminarian told me that I should look into the diaconate. I have never done this before, but for whatever reason, I feel God is calling me to chaplaincy, such as hospital or prison ministry, and from what I have read about deacons, they’re much more involved in that field as opposed to priests. Any men who feel called to the diaconate (unmarried) vs. the priesthood?

We had a gentleman in my diocese who is unmarried, and was ordained as a permanent deacon a few months ago. He took a vow of celibacy when he was ordained (like all unmarried ordinands do).

The one thing I would mention is that most deacons don’t work for the Church full-time. Often, they have a regular, secular job. While you could get a job in hospital or prison ministry (and this is certainly suitable for a deacon), you have no guarantee of being placed there, or whether or not it is economically viable.

I would contact your diocese’s diaconate formation director and discuss it with him to be sure.

My brother did it, and as the other posted mentioned about other deacons, he has a full time job away from the Church (he’s a professor and scientist). So, yes, it’s done.
As the saying goes, all things are possible through God.
Pray for discernment.
God bless you on your journey.

If that’s what God wills go for it.

Not specifically the unmarried permanent diaconate, but even as a married man, I believe that freely chosen celibacy is a beautiful and powerful witness to a world so pervasive with lust. I have the utmost admiration for those who live it.

I’ll pray for you as you discern your vocation.

In the class I was ordained with there were nine of us, one was single and made the promise of celibacy. Our current class has six men and one is single.

The diaconate is a distinct calling. It is worth your full discernment and prayer if you feel led to work in institutions like you mention. Good luck!

Since he is diocesan, it is probably a promise and not a vow.

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