Is there anything I can do if I can't go to church?


Ok first of all, I like going to church, I like singing the hymns, saying the prayers in unison to our Lord, just the whole general feel of it (Although I’m not to keen on the taste of the wine :p) but occasionally there are some times when I am unable to go to church or as I go with my mother if she is unable to go to church I do not like to leave her (I’m 16 btw) and it’s times like this where I feel extremely guilty I must say this is a rather rare occurrence but I was just wondering is there anything I can do if I cannot go to church like a set of prayers of something the week after this when I am in church I go into confession about missing mass, but I was wondering if there was anything I can do if I miss church whether I am ill or away or something else that causes me to miss mass.

So this is what I am asking,Please do not give me a lecture about this I understand that it is wrong too miss mass but it is rare that I do and I cannot feel nothing else but guilt so is there anything in which I could do at home not to overtake mass but on those rare occasions in which I am unable to go to mass.

Thank You


If you are physically unable to get to Mass (or too ill to), then you don’t need to go to Confession about it, since it is not by your choice that you omitted to attend. It’s not a sin in such a situation.

On those occasions where you are prevented from attending, then you can keep up with the Mass of the day by watching EWTN’s broadcasts - they’re available online as well as TV. You can then at least experience and hear the Word of God in a Mass setting, although it isn’t an alternative to actually attending: if you CAN get to Mass on a Sunday then you need to go.

Also, I can recommend the website - it’s got the Liturgy of the Hours in it as well as the Mass for the Day and the Office of Readings as well. If you’re sufficiently enthusiastic to consider joining in the universal prayer of the Church, it’s a very good way to do so without getting lost in a complicated ‘breviary’.


One of the primary guiding principles of Catholic Church law is that you cannot be obligated to do what is impossible to do. If it’s impossible for you to get to Mass, then you are not obligated to do so.

Yes, we are all obligated to go to Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation. But being sick is a valid reason to miss Mass. No confession required.

Regarding the issues with your Mom, I would just bring that up with a priest. There may be no sin involved there either.

As to your question, there’s no substitute for the liturgy in the strictest sense. But you might read through the Mass readings of the Day and then make an Act of Spiritual Communion.


I watch the Daily Mass on EWTN in streaming video whenever I cannot go to Mass.


You can also make a “Spiritual Communion”.


Whether you attend Mass on Sunday or not, it should be a special, religious day for you.

That’s not the popular thing to do on sundays, with all the emphasis on sports (on TV). But, you should resist the urge to drift away into tv-land, by all means.

officially, there’s no substitute for the Mass, as well-intentioned as some of the previous comments may be. Do not feel under obligation, generally speaking.

In his first volume of Jesus of Nazareth, Pope Benedict XVI stated that we have a right and duty to pray for our needs. So, you should always be prayerful, every day. Prayer is more important than almost anything else. In Jewish spirituality, prayer is recognized as the highest human activity.


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