is there anything i can do?

my math professor at university, who i have become very close with, is Ukrainian. Her mother-in-law and sisters-in-law live right in crimea. from what i’ve understood, they are wanting to get out of there but they don’t have a car and transit has been blocked off by the russians.

is there a catholic organization that can be contacted that could offer some assistance?

we do have a Ukrainian eparchie where i live, shold i talk to someone there?

do you guys have y other ideas of what can be done?

i’m been praying very hard but i feel like i shold try to do more to help. my prof isn’t relaly a church goer, i don’t think and i doubt she’s catholic, probably orthodox. i’ve been telling her to pray and i think she’s been doing it, i just odn’t know if we can do anything else.

We offer our prayers for your family, that they hold their faith God’s Love and Mercy, and that all the world will be reminded anew of the evil and danger of communism and tyranny. “Underground” groups have always formed against tyranny, and certainly they will in Crimea as in all of Russia. It is another testament against the great hoax of “universalism” that all will submit in cowardice and apathy.

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