Is there anything written on debunking Dispensationalism?

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It seems to me that the usual techniques for countering anti-Catholicism is not altogether adequate when dealing with dispensationalists.

While it is useful to point out that dispensationalism has only been around in a meaningful way since the 1800’s, they will counter with an assertion that the church underwent a “spiritual awaking” similar to the reformation in which the Holy Spirit used the likes of J.N. Darby and others to explain this away.

Another tact that they use is to extract any number of verses from any portions of scripture, so long as they are contained within a compatible dispensation to justify all of the doctrine, such as millenialism etc, in a jigsaw puzzle technique.

And finally, they dance around more obvious teachings in Scriptures by denying the teachings relevance to any given dispensation. For example, the keys to the “Kingdom” given to Peter only applies to Jews during the 1000 year reign and has nothing to do with the Church because this applies to the Dispensation of the Kingdom, the so called “millenium”.

The most preposterous assertion is that the teachings of Our Lord while here on earth do not apply to the Church at all; they assert that the Lord was targeting the Jews alone and that if the Jews would have accepted Him as the Messiah, then the Lord would have instituted the millenium right then and there.

I have read some good books that deal with some of this - Catholicism and Fundamentalism by Keeting for example, but it was not the main focus.

Has anyone written a book that focuses totally on debunking dispensation economies specifically?

I don’t know of any particular book to recommend, however, the following information may prove helpful.

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