Is there anything wrong if I attend an Orthodox Christian mass?


I am a catholic. My aunt is an Orthodox convert. Now my cousins invite me to join an Orthodox Christian mass with them today. Is it wrong to attend their mass as a catholic? Should I politely say no to them?


A) You’re fine, it’s just like attending an SSPX mass and
B) It’s not called a mass. Do your research before going.

It should be a good learning experience, so enjoy!


You can attend but you will also need to attend a Catholic Mass to meet the Sunday obligation and you should not receive Holy Communion.


No, it’s not wrong. It’s called Divine Liturgy. You most likely won’t be permitted to receive communion but that’s ok. It’s truly Jesus up there though so bow when they bow and cross yourself when they do. And I’ve been told that if you are going for a learning purpose that it can indeed fulfill your “Sunday obligation”…again that concept is foreign to Orthodoxy…it’s expected of people to attend the services (Vespers, Matins and/or Divine Liturgy) and I’ve read that it’s serious if you miss for no good reason.


According to the old Moralists and there manuals, no you can’t. But according to the new ones you can. I happen to have the opinion that you cannot without good reason and I dont believe that can change.


It isn’t like attending an SSPX mass. The Christian Orthodox Church and SSPXs canonical situations are different.


Well, we will agree to disagree then. I’d rather go to an Orthodox Liturgy than a Roman Catholic one even if I’m in formal communion with the latter. For my family, it’s about the liturgy and the way we worship. We identify with the Orthodox more.

OP, you’re going to learn…there isn’t anything wrong with it. You can always go to Mass later in the day if your’e concerned about your obligation.


You should totally go! Their Divine Liturgy (especially the one based on St John Chrysostom) is quite different from the mass. The Orthodox do not want you, as a Catholic, to receive their communion. However, they do have “holy bread” that they give out at the end of the liturgy, which is open to everyone to receive. It’s “blessed” bread, not the body of Christ. Orthodox liturgies are quite reverential. You’ll probably like it. (Also, try to remember that the middle aisle is usually reserved for the clergy and those who assist him—use the side aisles.) Enjoy!


If you want to go and support your beloved aunt, go right ahead.

Just wear comfortable shoes, the Greek liturgy is long and they expect you to stand for most all of it.

Sort of like a traditional Palm Sunday in the Catholic Church.


Yes, but the Church’s stance on attending an Orthodox mass for the individual believer is similar as it is for attending an SSPX mass. The obviously vastly different canonical status have no bearing on this.

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