Is there anything you dislike about being Catholic?


i dislike being celibate…

but i also like being celibate… (it means i don’t have to deal with men :D)

i don’t like that non-Catholics don’t understand…

i don’t like feeling like an alien…

other than that, i can’t think of much else i don’t like…


Feeling so much responsibility (to those to whom much is given…) but not knowing what/how to do.


yeah, you just hit on the other thing i don’t like…

i feel i have to save the whle world… which Jesus kinda said i have to do… :smiley:

Ok, not really… but it feels like it… We are to go out into the whle world and tell everyone about Jesus… but i don’t do this much… other than giving people the Word… etc.

As far as face-to-face encounters…

I’m always afraid people are going to slug me or something… :eek: .:smiley:

irrational fears… not good…



I dislike the tension between who I am and who I should be. Old Man, New Man.
Died with Christ in baptism, live now in Christ, as a member of His body.


Well, you probably are witnessing to Him - just not usually with your lips and that’s the way St. Francis of Assisi said to do it anyway, through modeling and example.:shrug:


:sad_yes: Well, we’ve good company in St. Paul.


yeah, i have that problem too…

I am always telling God, “Hey, I’m human!!! for crying out loud…”

and He answers, “Gee, I’m glad you told me that.” :smiley:

anyway, i do think we Catholics take ourselves too seroiusly sometimes, our sinfulness… we are too scrupulous sometimes…(?) But then on the other hand, considering how awful Purgatory is… and all… maybe we don’t take ourselves seriously enough (!!!)… I know a lot of pepole don’t seem to take their sins very seriously… (i know because they commit them against me…:mad:) and they seem to more/less adhere to osas ehther they admit it or not…

we live in a osas society…

but anwya… i hope you spend sme time in the Real Presence…?

I always “worry” more about certain sins when not there… than when There… In other words, i think this or that sin of mine is awful or whatever… but then when i am with Him @ the RP, i find myself focusing on other things… kinda strange… :hypno::hmmm:

there are so many mysteriers in my life since i got catechized… :hypno:and started being a seirous Catholic… :confused:



I agree that Catholics take ourselves too seriously sometimes, I know I do.:blush: I haven’t worked out the balance at all yet, of paying attention so that I don’t sin (as much :rolleyes:) but also don’t take myself too seriously. I really appreciate reading jokes made by Saints.


I dislike this thread.


I don’t dislike anything about being Catholic.

We are following the One True Faith, the path to God, and we should be grateful that he has given it to us.

Embrace it, and you will get the most out of it.


No, nothing that I can think of.:slight_smile:


haha, agreed :thumbsup:


Maybe you’re to distracted.:stuck_out_tongue:
Are you a* consecrated* celibate that doesn’t have to deal with men, or just a single woman who dislikes men?
Surely you don’t mean that* being Catholic* makes you feel like an alien, do you?
Otherwise, you sound like a very good Catholic!:blessyou:


It is good that you feel alienated from the society and times in which you live. And it is okay that non-Catholics don’t understand. Christ is a sign of contradiction and that’s supposed to be our example.

There are lots of human things I don’t like about the Catholic Church–weak bishops, sinful priests, Marxist nuns, and cafeteria Catholics–but maybe that’s my human weakness of demanding perfection in others that I haven’t achieved myself. But being a Catholic means following Christ, the Eucharist, Our Blessed Mother, a legion of saints, and people like my grandparents and greatgrandparents who saved every cent from their dirty, dangerous factory jobs to build the most beautiful churches in America. It is little ol’ me as a link in an unbroken chain of life connecting the living to the dead to those yet unborn.



The only thing to dislike for me is that there are so many poor souls who have not accepted the One True Faith. This faith only leads to true happiness, and we can only pray for those who have not found Christ completely. But it hurts to know not all are saved


Very well said!:thumbsup:


Sometimes I wish I didn’t care about sin (my own sins or the sins of others), and that I could feel comfortable in a sinful world. Sometimes I wish that not going to Mass on Sundays wasn’t that big a deal, or that there was nothing controversial about the Faith so I wouldn’t get criticism for being a part of it- unless I make it a point to differentiate my views from the Church’s teachings.

However, because I do care about my sins and those of others, because I am uncomfortable in a sinful world, and because the Faith has things about it that many people in the world don’t like (the prohibition of contraception, abortion, gay marriage, embryonic stem-cell research, euthanasia, occult practices, and many other prohibitions- and all the requirements, like going to Mass and going to confession- and all the options we have, like praying the rosary, having a devotion to a saint- or several saints, etc.), and because the Church’s teachings are my own personal beliefs as well, I feel the Church is the only place for me.

I guess it’s like being with an eccentric relative. You love them to death, and deep down there’s no one else you’d rather spend time with, but you get embarrassed easily and sometimes you find the selfish side of you wishing they’d quit being so unique.


hmm… never heard of a saint actually telling a joke… got any examples?


oh so you like being misunderstood / persecuted because you are Catholic?

a truly Catholic person who spreads the faith will experience hatred and opposition…

if you like that… well, i don’t know what to say…

yes we are to rejoice when persecuted but i don’t know of many who rejoice very enthusiastically… Now i think about it i don’t know any who rejoice at all…


Did Jesus have to*** like*** it, even though He expected persecution?
I can vouch for Spanky…He truly*** wants*** to be just like** Jesus.** :knight1:
“Rejoice in the Lord always, and again, I say rejoice…” he also takes the Sacred Scriptures seriously.
If you don’t know what to say, I can help you.:slight_smile: Thanks for your courageous witness, Spanky! Keep spreading the JOY!!:egyptian:

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