Is there are Catholic site that includes...

a major thread for the various believers… Eastern Orthodox, Baptists, Pentecost, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Church of Christ, Anglican, etc/ Then the non-Chrisitians faiths as well as our heritage believers Orthodox Judaism, and so on .Islam as well

It seems that this forum eliminated the Eastern Church prematurely, and should have considered other options to buld charity between us. Proselytizing should not be allowed, but sharing should be. later.

There are lots of Orthodox here, and there is a forum just for Eastern Catholics.

I liked the old Eastern Christian or was it Religion site… The Orthodox had a huge presence and I enjoyed discussing things with them without the other, pardon the experession, strange faith traditions. But some of them were compelled to not post hear as a result of changing it. I’ve also encoutered lots of inconsistent moderation that anoys me. Now I know the same exsist in other blogs as well. But is there a website that blogs more along East and West Church issues then?

There is which has specific denomination specific forums, although my experience with them is they have less people and the discussion in the interfaith forums seems to be more an exercise in who can use the most ad hominems in a single post.

My pastor advises against these forums, particularly on here. He advises me to use USCCB and the Vatican websites to keep true to Church teaching. He has an interesting perspective of this website and “insincere” in nature. My wife hates this forum because of the extreme views and some of my storied in having gotten in trouble on her over the years. The moderators seem to go too far or mainly are inconsistent. It depends on how they feel about a subject, not church teaching or prudent practices. I’ve had a while to get to know who I trust. So I was wondering if there is an equivalent site that does basically the same thing but doesn’t go around banning everybody just because they see something differently or has a different way of saying it. Thus the Orhtodox or converts/reverts like me.

I know a majority of ex-Catholics that left the church or thought of returning and decided against all had one thing in common. Here.

Hi eucharisteo,

I would try here:

I do not go there myself, but my daughter has told me that discussion is much more civil and the moderators do a much better job.

I know of Marcus Grodi through his writings and show The Journey Home. I think that his forum would be what you are looking for. Good luck.



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