Is there complete Liturgy of the Hours online?

Is there a full version of the Liturgy of the Hours online including all the readings, hours, etc.? I keep running into sites that charge and a few mentions here and there about “copyright”. Is there not a full, complete version because someone is going to sue? If so, who is going to sue? This sounds rather absurd and almost offensive that the Liturgy of the Hours is “copyrighted”.

Yes, go here. It’s free tool

There is a copyright issue about some of the readings. So a slightly different translation is used for those. It is an accurate translation from the Latin, though.
The downloadable copyrighted version is available for a small monthly fee, though, but the online version is quite acceptable I think.

It’s wonderful to have everything right there, in order, including even the office of readings. It also has the Mass readings for the day and info about the saint whose feast day it is.

It is “absurd and offensive” that a bible has to be purchased.



I think its alright to buy a bible. Especially if you can afford it. I know for certainty ( because I have benefitted this way personally) that it is distributed freely in certain remote areas in developing countries. Maybe ( please dont quote me for I dont know for certainty) your payment of full price subsidises the low and sometime free distribution to poor countries.

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You’re going to love this site:

It has the standard LoTH’s available in text and as a podcast that you can download to your computer/ipod/mp3 player.

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Universalis is not complete. There are no hymns.

On the other hand this site does appear to be complete and appears to be very well done.

For those comfortable in French I highly recommend It is the official site of the Episcopal Conference for Francophone Countries. It includes in addition to the Liturgy of the Hours, the readings for Mass.

You can also try which has French alongside the Latin. This site also has a daily extract from the Roman Martyrology but in French only. You can subscribe and have the offices delivered to your mailbox. All the above sites are free.

I’ll buy that. Pun intended. Thanks for your input, I’ve never considered that aspect.

Latin edition available here Liturgia Horarum


I was just looking at the iPod Touch version of Universalis, and it has hymns. At least for today’s Night Office. Am I misunderstanding something?

It appears only Night Prayer has a hymn; that would make sense, you can use the same hymn every night whereas the other offices have variable hymns every day.

Check out the on-line version of the Office of Readings:

“A suitable hymn may be inserted at this point”.

Thanks for that!! I had been using Universalis for some time when I’m on the road but always hated that it was missing the hymns and antiphons. Finally one that has everything in one place!!

the alternative is all kinds of sites and books publishing their own version playing fast and loose with the words and the rites, is that what you want?

Actually, there are zillions of old breviaries in Latin available in the public domain. There are also translations into English. All of them are the old version, of course.

I think much of Universalis is their own translation from the latin (besides the readings I think).

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