Is there content in other church documents that is not in the CCC?

Hi, so I’ve been kind of confused (as usual lol) and I want to know if the CCC states EVERYTHING the church believes or if there are other documents that state things that aren’t in the CCC.
I’m sorry if this is a stupid question lol

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Not a stupid question. The big area of literature Catholics also go by are the lives of saints. Some have done things that were incredible, which is where we also get many of the items we wear; holy scapular, miraculous medal, Saint Benedict medal, etc

Okay, some things the CCC does not explicitly state that they are “grave sins” but I was wondering if it stated that these things WERE mortal sins in other documents. I’m sorry if this was unclear

You might want to look online for a comprehensive examination of conscience used before going to confession. It may help you better understand what mortal sin is. But what you will not find is a list of sins to see what is mortal and what is genial.

@po18guy examination of conscience

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