Is There Interest In a CAF Social Group for Middle-Aged Single Catholics?

It’s crossing my mind - given several threads on dating I’ve posted or lurked on here lately - that this is an issue I care about and I might be moved to start a Social Group if there is interest.

So here’s a poll you can vote in - primarily aimed at middle-aged single Catholics - but with enough options that anyone can vote.

If I did start such a group, it would be for support but I would also hope that members would be Catholics faithful to the Magisterium on all moral issues - or at least decent enough to be honest about if they did disagree with something so the cards are on the table. But that can be dealt with if the group actually starts. I do include it in the poll though, which is why I mention it here.

I think it’s a great idea 3doctors :dancing: Although I don’t like to think of myself as middle aged…40’s is really middle aged :rotfl:

It would depend on what we talk about. If it is just to bash the opposite sex because of how they behaved, no I am not interested.

If it is to share advice on how to trick someone to go out with us, no I am not interested

But if it is more to discuss things as singles we have in common, then yeah, I would think about it


If I were the one to start it, believe me, the need for charity would be emphasized. Sometimes people do have wonderings about why some members of the opposite sex are a certain way (like shy, hard to read, etc.) and I think there would be room to ask questions to clarify and gain insight. Hopefully it would be like - “Okay, help me understand this from a guy’s/gal’s perspective. . .”:confused: if any such issues arose.

I wouldn’t think that would be a common problem - if by “trick” you mean deception. My ideas would be to share social interaction tips and advice that are possibly overlooked - just common sense things. Some of us may be inexperienced at dating even at midlife and by sharing experiences and tips (not tricks or phoniness) we can learn from each other.

Yes, and of course that would include the dating realm but wouldn’t have to be limited to it.

Plenty of time to consider possibilities. Hopefully I’ve addressed some concerns you had. I don’t know - maybe there are already singles social groups with members of different ages so this whole idea may or may not be redundant. That would be something maybe someone who’s been in some of those other groups for awhile might be able to inform me and others here on.

What would be the age range for this group?

Probably 40-60 or 65. I was thinking about that. Should it be divided into two ranges, 40-54 and 55-65 (or other - I’m thinking senior discounts start at 55! :wink: ) Or just one age range. I mean, it wouldn’t be like we’d card anyone who’s 38-39 or 66+. If someone thinks they would enjoy belonging and meeting people we’d just leave it up to them.

I’ve been occupied with other things since I started this thread so I haven’t done checking on it yet - but I was thinking a day or two ago that it might just work for people to join one of the Social Groups for singles on CAF, and then make a Forum Thread within that for middle-agers. Rather than reinventing the wheel and starting a separate social group.

Opinions on that alternate method are invited. :slight_smile:

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