Is there local Catholic media available?

I am the volunteer public relations director for my parish and my Knights of Columbus council in northeastern Connecticut, on the Rhode Island border and near the Massachusetts border. Are there any websites, newsletters or traditional media such as newspapers and radio stations available that we may send public service announcements to and otherwise use for public relations purposes?

Thank you all.

Brother Knight John Ryan
Putnam, Connecticut

John, you can visit, enter your zip code and it will bring up all the radio stations that are in your area as well as the format of the radio stations.

The Catholic Radio Association publishes a handy directory of most stations which broadcast Catholic content in the US.,%202011.pdf

As for newspapers and television, do you think the Archdiocese of Hartford might have some useful information? I can’t find a website or email address for the Office of Communications, but here is the website for the Office of Radio and Television

If they don’t have all the information you are looking for, perhaps they can direct you to the right source. Their contact information is at the bottom of the webpage.

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