Is there love after 50?


Beloved Friends,

I would like to marry again but I wonder if there is success in it since we get older? What’s the color of love? :smiley:

Love ya’ll,


I don’t know about the color of love…all colors of the rainbow perhaps!!! :slight_smile:

My dear Dad was one who found deep happiness in an age 50 marriage, and my sister also…I’m sure you will find others who can share their later Marriage happiness stories.
May God give you protection and love, Sheila.


I suspect there is a better chance at a successful marriage after age fifty than at age twenty-five.


I am 54 and not married, though I do have a wonderful boyfriend who is 60 years. He is widowed. It is possible to meet someone at middle age.


I’m not 50 yet but getting close and wonder the same thing. I didn’t think much about getting married when I was busy working, helping my children, and before many of my single friends found boyfriends or have relocated. It is not so easy to find new friends to socialize with.


The only success is following God’s will



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