Is there meaning to life? Is God real?

So the only way to know for 100% certain God exists is the same as the only way you know anybody exists. You meet that person and you talk to them.

Everyday, speak to God. Keep persisting. Eventually, He will speak back and once you hear His voice you will know He is real!

There are a lot of arguments (even very good ones) but I have never actually met a person who believed in God because he read an argument.

God will not literally speak back to you if you pray(I assume you didn’t mean literally?). Only a very select, privileged people get to witness any miracle(most of them saints). God rarely reveals himself, and the people who he didn’t reveal himself to are supposed to have faith and trust in the stories of others or decide whether the story of the miracle has enough evidence.

You can know for certain God exists just by logically thinking. This is why there were so many different religions in the ancient times. St. Thomas Aquinas said there were 5 ways to know God exists just by logically thinking.

Lol I never meant literally but “ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you will find.”

God does answer prayers.

I think they are logically valid but I’ve never met a person who came to believe in God by reading one of those. I have a degree in maths and they give me a headache.

Christianity is not an ideology, but a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Benedict XVI

Ok. It’s just that I’ve met some people before who have had some really ridiculous ideas of finding God, like literally believing God speaks to them. Some are even more bizarre.

[quote=Estevao]if you were an atheist and actually believed that there was no god, why would you waste any time of your one and only life talking about something you thought was completely false;

I see the point of your question, Estevao. But I don’t think that many atheists spend their days talking about religion. Whether you believe in a religion or not, religious belief is still an interesting subject and an intriguing part of human experience. Like it or loathe it, religions are part of the modern world and are relevant to social, cultural and political issues.

It doesn’t take very long to review threads on topics that interest you and contribute a few posts. Personally I’m glad that atheists take the time to contribute to this forum.

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