Is there much differnce between greek orthodox and russian orthodox

same or similar or very differnet

Same theology and Liturgy. Some cultural differences; much like different Catholic differences in different countries. :slight_smile:

Meant to say different Catholic cultural traditions in different countries.:slight_smile:

Growing up, I had a friend who was Greek Orthodox. The community was very small, and so they actually had their Sunday mass in conjunction with a Russian Orthodox community. Most of the Mass was in English, some Greek, some Russian. The main celebrant was Greek Orthodox, but the Russian Orthodox priest would con-celebrate.

Well there are some slight variations in the Liturgy and other services. There are also differences in clergy titles and awards along with other cultural traditions. Is that what you wanted?

A better question is what if the great schism between rome and Greece were healed? Would it be binding on the russian orthodox or would rome have to go to each country respectively?

The question is subjective, so it really depends on you.

Do you consider the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church to be very different from the Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic Church?

Each Church is self headed. If the Holy Synod of Greece accepted union they would be alone.

Do you mean Rome becoming Orthodox, or Greece becoming Catholic?

Yes. As it was before. Where many described it as the one catholic and orthodox church.

If the synod of the Church of Greece by themselves voted to reunify with Rome it would be an act of schism. If there ever is going to be a reunion it can’t be just one Church at a time.

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