Is there not the penitential rite in the Presentation of the Lord Mass?

Last Sunday the priest stated we will not have the penitential rite after the opening prayer will go right into singing the Glory to God…he said it’s not done on the feast of the Presentation of the Lord. Sure didn’t seem right.
Thank you

The Roman Missal does not call for the penitential rite on the Feast of the Presentation. The Mass is to begin with a greeting and address followed by the blessing of candles with holy water. The priest then processes to the altar and after singing the Gloria says the opening prayer:

  1. As the procession enters the church, the Entrance Antiphon of the Mass is sung. When the priest has arrived at the altar, he venerates it and, if appropriate, incenses it. Then he goes to the chair, where he takes off the cope, if he used it in the procession, and puts on a chasuble. After the singing of the hymn Gloria in excelsis (Glory to God in the highest), he says the Collect as usual. The Mass continues in the usual manner.
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