Is there really only one true church?

Is there only one, holy, Catholic, apostalic Church? What makes it so special? And did Jesus ever say to follow a certain religion? Or did he want us to follow him instead? And since he refered to himself as a “temple”, could he be referring himself as the “church” and for Peter to be the leader in continueing what Jesus had started? And could what we celebrate on a weekly basis (Eucharist) be a rememberance to do what Jesus had done and wouldnt even have to be part of a Mass?


When Jesus founded His Church, there weren’t any other Christian churches. He founded only one. Sixteen centuries later the first Protestant church were founded. His Church was His idea and He left it with authority and the protection by the Holy Spirit against error in the teaching of all that pertains to faith and morals. He never referred to Himself as the Church. He is the head of the only Church He ever founded–period.

You need to learn about the Church and the Eucharist as Jesus has left it to us—and not speculate on your own.


You are in our prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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