Is there really such thing as a second chance in life? (plenary indulgences and the feast of Divine Mercy)

Ive been reading up alot about plenary indulgences… and how the feast of the Divine Mercy is like a second baptism. I am really looking forward to that. However… it just sounds too good to be true… Its not that I am skeptical about it or anything… but for people like me, grave sinners, the idea of a second chance sounds too good to be true. Why should a second chance in life be so easily given to the likes of me? I deserve grave punishment and a life of hell not only in the next life but in this life as well… yet things arent going as hard as I thought it would… something must be wrong.

Is God really that good that he will just wipe my (our) slate clean again?? When Christ said “complete remission of sin”… it just sounds… *way too good to be true , too unreal even… Even if I were completely sorry and remorseful and didnt want to be punished, there should still be some sort of punishment and consequence. Thats just the way the world works… karma is a bch and will bite me in the a$s anyday now… as I like to always say to myself. (sorry for the language, I just have to express myself and I am overwhelmed with emotions right now)

I have always held a black and white view about life that for everything you do, there will be consequence and that there will be a punishment for everything and that nothing goes unpunished. If not in this life… in the next** (isnt that the purpose of purgatory afterall?). **Thats how the universe works (universal law) and that how God operates… eye for an eye… tooth for a tooth… even if those sins are sins of old, “sins of youth”… or were unintentional. everything comes back one way or another and nothing goes unpunished. Its just kind of hard to believe that God will let sinners go so easily just like that and give a fresh start so easily… There has to be some sort of catch…

What did the likes of me do to deserve such a good deal?? I was born a wretch, I am a wretch and will continue to be a wretch until my dying breathe… The point is… why does God even bother to be merciful and waste his time on the the likes of me? It seems to good to even think that he cares about me (or us grave sinners) and loves us that much…

Anyway… just sharing my thoughts. Anybody feel the same way here?

Well, Littlesheep88 I think you are now very close to sainthood. If you read the lives of Saints - go get a book - you will discover many, who like you, came to the same realization and conclusion. Why me? How me? What value am I to GOD that HE would so humble HIMSELF to put on flesh, come down to HIS creation, suffer and die, and then put on BREAD and WINE so that I can consume HIM ?
In our humanity it does not balance, and humans like balance as you advise “eye for eye” - which is balance. It is wrong - as JESUS teaches us, but it is balance.

So you are now half way to heaven. In your mind you know you do not deserve anything but the pains and fires of hell for all eternity; and if you stay “in your mind” so will your body burn in hell - as you chose.

Heaven is for those poor undeserving souls who do not get it, cannot balance the books, do not understand, but declare “LORD, I am not worthy that YOU should enter under my roof, but just say the words and my soul will be healed”. And they do not say this with “their mind”, they say it with “their hearts” - you must leave the doubting mind behind and open your heart - to believe - not to understand or balance - just believe.

Go to which is a web site by Father Larry Richards, and purchase the CD TRUTH, and in that CD Father Richards will help you open your heart and surrender your doubting mind.

And then get a pamphlet n the Rosary and learn to say, and say the Rosary daily. By yourself, the many habits of sin you have established will not be broken easily, so you ask the Mother of GOD, to assist you, and She will, and She will recommend you to Her SON, JESUS.

Dear Lilsheep;

Don’t know about plenary indulgences or the Feast of Divine Mercy - you might want to check the Catechism on that. It’s probably covered. But it seems I’ve heard your story before: second time tonight actually. And before that, the first time I heard it, it went like this:

                "...For what I want to do, I do not do.  But what I hate; I do!
                 ....  As it is, it is no longer I myself who do it, but it is sin
                 living in me.   I know that nothing good lives in me.  That is
                 my sinful nature.  For I have *the desire* to do what is
                 good, but *I can't* carry it out.  For what I do is not the good
                 I want to do; No!!  The evil I do not want to do - that's what
                 I keep doing!!!....What a wretched man I am!!!!  Who will rescue
                 me from this body of death??!!!!....Thanks be to God! Through
                 Jesus Christ our Lord!!!!" 
                 (St. Paul's Letter to The Romans; Ch. 7:14 et. seq.)

Well, you get the picture. “For God so loved the world…” (John 3:16 et. seq.)

May God Bless Us All.

I know John 3:16… but why? What makes us so special that he loves us that much? and we get freebies like the feast of the Divine Mercy? Despite our continual slaps to God’s face? Despite our frequent downfalls? Despite our constant offences? I can get why maybe angels can be deserving of his love… but why us? We dont deserve it. I feel I dont deserve it.

You are thinking not as GOD does, but as human beings do. Matthew 16; 23 For MY thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways MY ways, says the LORD Isaiah 55;8

Very good quote by the way :thumbsup:

You are right to think that His mercy is far, far greater than anything we could ever deserve, ever.

You are wrong, however, to doubt that it is real :wink:

Unless you have some alternative theory for Christ’s death and resurrection.

I was just getting ready to list some some “why’s?” and would have probably ended the list with the cop out ‘It’s A Mystery!’ when Julian’s post popped up. Thank’s Julian! That was great! If we, like St. Paul and so many of the other Saints know that we’re rotten to the core and know too that despite all that I, even I will be saved; what is there left to do but, like St. Paul, praise God and Our Savior Jesus Christ and thank Him for His wondrous mercy!

Lilsheep, you said,
“What did the likes of me do to deserve such a good deal?? I was born a wretch, I am a wretch and will continue to be a wretch until my dying breathe… The point is… why does God even bother to be merciful and waste his time on the the likes of me? It seems to good to even think that he cares about me (or us grave sinners) and loves us that much…”

What compels Jesus to love us?
Why should he love us?

I’m a wretch.
I’m foul.
I look at myself and throwup.
There is no reason to love an ape like me.
I’m stupid.
I’m heartless and a coward.
I’m a nothing in a beautiful universe.

I heard a story the other day about a little boy who asked his father why he liked him. And the father replied something like, “you always make your bed and help your mother around the house. Your good at sports.” And as he continued, the father noticed the son looking down and seemed sad. Then the father reflected and then said,“son, I love you because you are my son.” The little boy looked up and beamed.

You don’t need a reason to love your own son. You are the reason.

Just an important thought that Our Father wants us to remember…

I am a wretch and will continue to be a wretch until my dying breathe… The point is… why does God even bother to be merciful and waste his time on the the likes of me? It seems to good to even think that he cares about me (or us grave sinners) and loves us that much…

No person is beyond the Mercy of God, not even you! I solemnly assure you, He is calling you even now!

When thoughts of despair hit you, say these words: “Jesus, I trust in You!” Seek out your local priest and tell him what is going on. I promise you your sins can, and will be forgiven in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. You can start again.

Dear St. Joseph, look upon this person with great love and tenderness. Shower this beloved of God with confidence in Him. Show this person that Jesus can take this yoke away and allow our friend to start again! Amen.

For the OP, I had the same thoughts as you about the Divine Mercy devotion/revelation when I first learned of it. The first year back in the church, when I was in the middle of the novena between Easter and divine mercy sunday, I was watching ewtn. Between the shows when they do promos they popped up a passage from St Faustina’s diary quoting Jesus as saying it hurts Him more that people don’t believe in His mercy than the sins that we commit. That was pretty poignant for me and to the point, and it pretty much cleared up those doubts.

God IS love and His mercy is vast and great. Forgiveness is freely available, if we ask for it and trust in Him. Problem is, we have a hard time trusting in God, which leads us further away from Him. That’s what Divine Mercy is all about, giving in and trusting in Him.

Good luck to you.

I know… I read that too. I am not being skeptical about God’s mercy, nor am I saying that I am distrusting in him. I am very aware Our Lord told St. Faustina that distrust on the part of souls offends him more than the sins confessed by the sinner…

All I am saying is that this is just too good to be true. A second baptism? We could all use that…

Its just that with all this hype I am reading about purgatory, its kind of hard to believe that nothing really does go unpunished… I have been indoctrinated by the church to believe that everyone who is worthy of heaven has to first serve time in purgatory… Its kind of like absorbing mixed messages.

Besides if you think about it… Catholics arent technically obliged to believe in private revelations. Its like saying Church doctrine vs private revelation… what weighs more?

But I will be definitely be taking advantage of the Feast of the Divine Mercy, that is for sure :thumbsup:

This is a homily given by Benedict XVI that might speak to your question.

Divine Mercy is not too good to be true. It is finally the one thing that is good enough to be true. The answer is that all God asks of you in order to set you into a sea of mercy is…everything. Get ready to hand over your entire life. God will take your whole life and re-make it into the image and likeness of God’s own life, which is what you have been intended to be since all eternity. That is what your heart was made for, and what it longs for.

Here is an excerpt from the Holy Father’s homily:

The mercy of Christ is not a cheap grace; it does not presume a trivialization of evil. Christ carries in his body and on his soul all the weight of evil, and all its destructive force. He burns and transforms evil through suffering, in the fire of his suffering love. The day of vindication and the year of favor meet in the paschal mystery, in Christ died and risen. This is the vindication of God: he himself, in the person of the Son, suffers for us. The more we are touched by the mercy of the Lord, the more we draw closer in solidarity with his suffering - and become willing to bear in our flesh “what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ” (Col 1, 24).

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