Is there Satanic subliminal messages in Popular Music?

Has the Vatican or any top Church official confirm or deny that some popular music has Satanic subliminal messages?

I think there are outright Satanic messages on alot of music - rap & hip hop comes to mind - the way they totally trash woman & glorify a ganster lifestyle - I don’t think there are subliminal messages on country music or the stuff I listen to.

I think the Satanic messages are pretty overt. I wouldn’t worry too much about the subliminal. Most pop music is Satanic.


I agree, a lot of the Satanic messages are not sublimal at all.

When songs encourage people who are not married to have sex, that’s Satanic.

Most forms of popular music (including country) are designed to arouse the carnal passions.

I wouldnt say that arousing passions in itself is wrong. That is pretty much what art is about. It is Satanic when it promotes things against natural and divine law with no qualifications.

I wouldn’t say all contemporary music. I mean, you still have a lot of artists who have very good messages. Look at U2, there music has very christian messages. You can’t get a more talented band than U2, and they use their talent in a good way.
another singer I really enjoy is James Blunt. Ok, he can get a bit sappy on the heart break, but his song ‘Tears and Rain’ helped me through a dark time.
So many christians want to bash all contemporary music as being sinnful, and this just annoys me to death. If it has crude and sexual undertones, than sure, it’s sinnful. But if it doesn’t, then there is nothing wrong with it.

I agree with you.

But question about James Blunt ~ my teenager wanted that CD and I almost bought it but it had a parental warning label on it. What’s that about? I thought that he mostly sang - as you said, sappy love/break up songs?

He does have one song with an F-word on it, but released another cleaned up cd where he replaced the word. Thats the version I have. His music is really beautiful and there isn’t anything sexual in his lyrics.
I’ve also heard that he uses the clean version of the song on tour, which is descent of him.

OK - good to know. thanks. :slight_smile:

Yeah, right, Paul is dead, too.


I do know that if you play Country music backwards:

Your beer mug will re-fill itself
Your dog will come home
Your busted truck will start running again
Your girlfriend will come back home…


there is nothing subliminal about it, the satanic message is overt and in your face in much of what passes for music in the popular culture.


I don’t think there are subliminal messages on country music or the stuff I listen to.


Country music IS pop/rock just with a different beat. And please, Toby Keith and his “I’m not as good as I once was” is not about doing cartwheels. And how about Trace Atkins and “Honky Tonk Badonka Donk”?? An entire song about a woman’s rear end? That video is nearly porn. Country music is really almost as bad as the rest of mainstream pop music these days. (Alison Krauss is about the only exception and even a couple of her songs border on the risque). There is plenty of bad music in any and every genre.You have to be discriminating with what you listen to, and have an informed conscience. As for subliminal, I think that was a popular idea back in the days of Led Zepplin and the like, but when the lyrics you can hear plainly are as bad as they are, why worry about the supposed subliminal?

I cant think of plenty of perfectly good pop/rock/indie songs. Each group/artist usually has some songs that are not total trash.

I know this is an old thread, but I just ran across a web site that makes me really wonder about the new digital music formats. I don’t get how digital music might be different from regular, but just don’t know. I’m not that good with computers. I’d appreciate it if somebody would take a look and tell me what they think.

This site points to some new research that makes me think maybe its on to something.

I think it’s chock full of ridiculous paranoia. Is it possible that there is subliminal messages in today’s music? Yes. Is it something that is going to be found by a “God given algorithm”? Not likely. In reality music today doesn’t use subliminal messages… satanic artists are overtly satanic.

Digital music refers to the way it’s recorded now. It all used to be on analog tapes and most of it is now done on very expensive computers.

What happens is the vocals for the majority of all music is layered to give it a thicker sound. In other words the artist records it repeatedly sometimes in different pitches to create a false harmony. Then it’s tuned… that’s right everyone who you think has an amazing voice gets it digitally corrected in the studio if they’re slightly off key… some of them don’t even know it.

What is then perceived as some subliminal hidden message is just another part of the layer that is interpreted incorrectly as saying something “bad”… please do not make me go into the whole Judas Priest trial… they were found not guilty for good reason.

On something maybe that’s for sure. The minute I open a site with the following

God has chosen the USA to be his chosen nation on earth

I start raising my eyebrows wryly.

Also ressurecting threads from nearly four years ago to link to a whacky site like this seems pointless. Although the stuff below from that site is pure comedy gold:-

Q: How does bDeviled work?

A: It is complicated and technical, but basically bDeviled examines the binary pattern of 1s and 0s in the music file and finds over 8000 difference Satanic messages. Approximately 5 out of every 6 songs has some Satanic message encoded it in.

Q: Why is bDeviled only available for Android and not the iPhone?

A: On the advice of my attorney, I cannot reveal exactly why we can’t make an iPhone version of bDeviled. I can only say that we are technically capable of doing it but other considerations keep us from doing it.

Q: Why do you charge money for bDeviled and not give it away?

A: While God revealed the algorithm to me, I don’t have the technical skills to create a smart phone app myself. I had to hire a programmer to create the app and so I need to recover some of the money I had to spend to create it. Please consider the modest costs as your contribution to spreading the word about Satanic digital messages.

I don’t think all popular music has Satanic messages…

I feel I must do the obligatory, ‘But Justin Bieber does’ line at this point. :smiley:

I call him, a false idol. What is it, almost 500 million views now?
I don’t believe in the media using teenagers to sing their songs for them, and capitalise off younger girls that don’t know better. He’s a marketing superweapon.

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