Is there sex in heaven?

God created our us and He found it good. JP II did an excellent job on his theology of the body book. in heaven we all love each other and God and theres no sin, can sex be possible in heaven or at least after the second coming?

Sex is a procreative act. Since no additional beings can come into existence while IN Heaven, there will be no sex. The purpose of sex will, in Heaven, have passed, and it will be unnecessary.

Christ told us in the gospel that there is no marriage in Heaven, and we will be like the angels.

That doesn’t sound very fun.

A recent apologist article noted that there will also be no pets. No pets.

No marriage, no sex. Darn.

I agree with the fact of saying that in the heaven there will no marital act. But, i disagree with the explanation, sex is a procreative act. That is too simple, it is very reductive, like motives. In reality, that is more complicated.

In addition, I want to say that in the heaven, we will be body and soul (glorious body via the resurrection and immortal soul). We will be almost as angel, but not like them, with our own sexed glorious body.



That doesn’t sound very fun.

A recent apologist article noted that there will also be no pets. No pets.

No marriage, no sex. Darn.

Heaven will be way better than all of those things.
And since Hell is the alternative…

No one can say definitively say what is in heaven because no one who is living has ever been there.

I’m not sure if there have been any saints who have been shown what heaven is like either. I could be wrong though. I know some have been shown hell and it’s definitely not a place that you want to go.

Sex is a limited, carnal (bodily) experience. In heaven, the joy and fulfillment that we will experience in the beatific vision will be so far beyond any pleasure sex can provide that it will seem senseless to pine away over sex. Sex is but a foreshadowing of the wonders of total gift to God.

To the OP, I would ask if their experience with JPII’s TOB is filtered through the likes of Christopher West or if the OP has actually read the Pope’s writings. CW seems to take the human aspects of sexuality too far in his works, and I think the late Pontiff would object to some of West’s conclusions. I just shake my head when I see silly book covers like the one where there is a bed in heaven.

It’s important to have a better reason to worship God than fear that he will fry and torture you for all of eternity.

…or in hopes that you’re going to get alot of sex and puppies in heaven.

Yeah but I always respond better to positive incentives than negative incentives.

I demand sex and puppies! Not at the same time, though.

English is not my first language, so I apologize for any misspellings.

We don’t know what exactly the heaven look like, who knows? There are things that no eye saw or ear heard of. So, we can talk until we die and we will not be able to describe what heaven will looks like.

Haha, you don’t seem to understand that we will be so overflowing with joy in Heaven, having possession of the Beatific Vision, that there will be no need or want for sex or pets.

You completely misunderstood what I said. Where did I say that we don’t HAVE a sex in heaven?

Getting into Heaven has never really been the main objective for me. Yes, that’s where I’d ultimately like to end up, but the prospect of not getting there doesn’t deter me from my faith. I’m more concerned with expressing my love to God by doing as much good as possible while on Earth. In the end, I’ll get to see where I end up, but in the meantime, I want to express God’s love in my life as much as I can.

Anyways, anyone can hope and speculate as to what Heaven is, but the fact of the matter is we won’t know until we cross to the other side. So I guess there aren’t really any wrong answers when it comes to describing Heaven.

I’m assuming you are Catholic, based on your status given in your profile.

In light of that, let me tell you: There is an answer! We do know many things about Heaven, and we have some very good ideas of what it is like, and what it is.

I don’t know you you by “more concerned with expressing my love for God.” That’s like saying, “I’m not really concerned about getting strong, so I’m just going to eat a lot of protein and do hardcore exercise.”

If you are aiming towards loving God, Heaven is your destination. If you sense you will not make it to Heaven, you will not be with God. That simple.

I’d suggest looking at some of the Catholic Answers materials in the homepage on that topic.

Well, I mean, didn’t Jesus speak of not seeking a reward? I know, I know, so the reward can be great in Heaven, but we won’t know what that really means until we get there. And I never said I sensed I wasn’t Heaven bound, I simply admitted that I will not know for certain until I pass.

It is my aim to love God, but I don’t do it because I want eternal bliss, I do it because I love God. If that makes any sense.

" Sex is a procreative act " . That is too simple, the motive is very reductive. In reality, that is more complicated. Indeed, conjugal sex is not only procreative act, it is for different ends.

" Since no additional beings can come into existence while IN Heaven, there will be no sex. I am on the same line than you

" The purpose of sex will, in Heaven, have passed, and it will be unnecessary."** I will say that the marital act is only for the mortal life.**

In the heaven, we will be with our sexed glorious body and with our sexed soul. But, there will be no marital act: no conjugal intercourse, no conjugal sex. The marital act is for the life on the blue planet (the mortal life).

Actually, Christopher West would be the first person to tell you that there will be no sex in heaven. Why? You don’t need the sign when you have the real thing.

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