Is there something evil about the Islam religion?

I know not all Muslims are bad people. In fact, I KNOW most of them are probably perfectly decent people.

Nonetheless, why is there soooo much evil and corruption within the Islamic religion? Why are there so many Muslisms who do so many horrendous, evil things in the name of Islam? After all, there’s no such thing as Christian terrorists, or Jewish terrorists, or Hindu terrorists, etc…

And lastly, why aren’t the non-radical, mainstream Muslims from other parts of the world (including the US) taking to the streets in masses to show their condemnation of terrorism?

It makes me think there’s something seriously messed up and evil about the Islam faith. What do yall think?

These are good questions.

Have you read the Koran and researched the life and belief of it’s author? IMO, from what modest amount I know, evilness toward others different from it, along with it’s evil founder, is what this faith was originally intended to be.

There are however, some Muslim’s that are beginning to show up and denounce these extremists. I believe the vast majority are either afraid of doing so, or actually believe in what there book teaches, but are not willing to follow it.

Again, I am no expert and I look forward to other responses.

Thanks for the response. So sad that things have to be this way.

Hi Lokis
I know you are new but my concern with your question is the word evil and if you hadn’t gotten a chance to read some of the forum rules, it is against the rules here to start calling other religions or faith evil. Yes, we can question teachings and practices and in the case of Islam and the current situation for Christians in the middle east, actions should be denounced and questioned. Killing others is wrong and evil. It might be better to rephrase the question “why are radical Muslims killing in the name of their religion?” Why is this spreading? What verses and ideas are they using to do such acts? Why does there seem to be so much violence in the history of Islam? This way we discuss serious issues without labeling and setting up food fights with others.

it’s an ancient battle (two sons of abraham?) but i think it was stirred up by the first gulf war.

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Sorry about that, I didn’t know. :frowning:

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And yes, you definitely hit the nail on the head with those questions… I’d like to know all that.

not a problem. There are a number of good books by Robert Spencer who is a Greek Catholic. He writes extensively about Islam and his books are sold by Catholic Answers and he has been interviewed on Catholic Answers live. I would recommend looking him up and reading his books.

Me, too!


I think the jihadist teachings of the Quran may be part of the reason why there are more Islamic terrorists than Christian ones, but just as a small note I don’t think it’s quite correct that “there’s no such thing as” Christian and Jewish terrorists…unless you mean that there is no such thing because, by definition, if a Christian or a Jew promotes terrorism, they have de facto stopped following their faith. There are some people every now and then who misinterpret Christian or Jewish teaching to allow for terrorism, though, because we are all sinners.

And lastly, why aren’t the non-radical, mainstream Muslims from other parts of the world (including the US) taking to the streets in masses to show their condemnation of terrorism?

I haven’t seen any Muslims taking to the streets to protest the terrorism of jihadists, but I have seen some Muslims publicly condemn the jihadists in print and on tv. That’s at least something. I think there ought to be public demonstrations and workshops lead by Muslim leaders on why that violence isn’t compatible with Islam, though. If they don’t teach the people at the local level re: why jihadism isn’t true, but only once a year or so on a tv program, then the “Muslims in the pews” may not get the message.

Islam teaches (and it is documented) that Jews and Christians should be killed. This is why it is easy for the lunatic muslim terrorists to justify to themselves all the murders they commit.

I too recommend Robert Spencer:thumbsup: Here is a video of his,

very true. I haven’t seen anything either

I was pretty sure Mohammed taught to help and support Christians because we are their brothers.

i think this is incorrect, but i can’t sight his teachings, can you?

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