Is there something funky going on with the interface...?


… or is my PC just going crazy today? The dark interface is no longer “dark” (posts turn this unreadable shade of light grey on a white background), and I no longer am able to access the ‘apologetics’ / ‘none’ forum.

Anybody else seeing this? It’s making the forums pretty much unreadable…


Yes, my interface has just changed too. Just checked apologetics and Catholic Living and there is no option of none anymore. You can still get to the subfora using the subheadings, but they don’t load up on a phone.


Yes, it suddenly became unreadable during my half hour lunch break


I don’t know what’s happening now. I appear to have the dark theme back but all posts have a white background and really pale grey font I can barely read.

Also, I can’t reply to threads on my phone because the disclaimer is blocking the reply button and I can’t scroll to reach it.


The new look is pretty good, easier to read threads.



It looks like this for me. I’m finding it a lot harder to read.


Click on the disclaimer for it to minimize.

On my phone, the blue banner is so huge it’s making the available area to read posts too small for comfort.

ETA: Ok, clicking on the disclaimer is not working for some reason. It always did before. :angry:


Clicking on the disclaimer has never worked for me. I think there was a glitch on the dark theme, so it wouldn’t go down.


My screen has now gone back to all white. Very odd.

Edit - but not on my phone. Still have a black background with white posts and grey text.



Is this an intentional change or is something wonky?


I used to have the dark theme. Now everything is white. I can enter Apologetics’ none. The disclaimer does not block my reply. I cannot find a way to change the theme under preferences.


It should be under preferences and then interface, but when I looked earlier it said I was on the dark theme. It must be some kind of glitch.


The blue banner at the top is blocking buttons on my phone and I can’t get it to go away.


I don’t see any interface section. I was on the dark theme before.


So if you click on your profile and then settings, there’s a list down the left hand side. Interface is the last on the list.

I was on dark theme too. I really don’t like the others, they’re too bright for me.


Dark theme is unusable on my phone right now. The posts are white and the words are so pale they’re unreadable.


That’s on my phone, too.


Yep and I don’t like it. GO BACK, GO BACK. GO backkkkkkkkkkkkk!


I have to get off now…I hope this issue is fixed soon.


Okay. I found it now. Technically I’m on dark still. But my text is black on white, not grey on white. I’m on the phone and I can post. (So at least I have the last two going for me.)

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