Is there still an "Ask an apologist" feature on CAF?

Hello! I’ve been away from the forums for some time and I’m having a little bit of trouble navigating around. I’m wondering in particular, is there still an “ask an apologist” thread/forum/feature here? Or would I have to send an email somewhere?

I have a rather burning question and find myself very much in need of spiritual guidance, and not sure where to turn.

Thanks in advance!
Awen <3

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There is one on the parent site. I don’t know how to use it though.

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Go to the parent page, . Select “Mission” on the left sidebar. Scroll down to contact us and there is a form to summit questions to various departments, including apologetics. I have never used it, so have no idea on the specifics about replying.


No. That section was Locked :lock: after the transfer to Discourse. There was a button on the main page; however, it was removed.

Your best option is to contact the Apologetics Department directly:

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OK, thank you! :slight_smile:

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