Is there such a thing as a book of Bible Interpretations

Hi! Everyone

  I am a cradle catholic who has studyed the bible on and off

for decades. One of the things that discourages me in that persuit,
is not getting the point that is trying to be made in a given passage or story.Can anyone help. ‘God Bless’


Join a Catholic Bible study group.

You can also do Bible study online for free.

There are a couple of Study Bibles that would be of help:

  1. The Navarre Bible
  2. The Ignatius Study Bible ( I think only the New Testament books are available)

They have extensive footnotes explaining the Bible passages.

Another aid is the Geo. Haydock Bible. It can be purchased - but the explanatory footnotes are available on-line at the following website:


The history of Biblical interpretation is a traditional field of Biblical studies.

You can perform a search for Catholic Bible Commentary on Google. There are quite a few out there, some better than others. You can search on Ignatius Press, too. I bought an extensive set a few years back. I’ll try to dig them up to provide the set name for you.

You can buy tons of Bible guides that are written for that very purpose. Use only Catholic versions, though. If you end up with a Protestant version, look out. You’ll make serious errors in Biblical interpretation. As a follower of Liberation Theology (non-Marxist), I apply Biblical readings directly to my own life. That’s one way in which I interpret the sacred text. :thumbsup:

The anchor bible series does a fine job over all. They do very indepth analysis of each book, by well known biblical experts usually in the particular book itself. They are certainly not all Catholic, but if you have attended Catholic colleges, you will quickly find that many of the texts used as best are not Catholic. There are many fine biblical exegetes who are Protestant. Good schools use the best texts without regard to Catholicism. I assume surely that is because they don’t deviate greatly in interpretation. Interpretation is generally not based on one’s faith, but is an attempt to be independent as much as possible and simply follow the best line of evidence. Some of the anchor books are real classics, If you want a more inspirational interpretations try the Interpretation series. Bruggerman on Genesis is especially good. These are more pastoral in nature.

There was such a book used for centuries, the Glossa ordinaria. It was used to as the standard reference for bible interpretation for a long time. It gradually fell out of favor after Trent because it taught things like the deuterocanonicals were not authoritative scripture.


i cant wait when the theif in the night writes a book on six seals for history to admire do a search engine search mabby it exists all ready my guess it isnt finished

Thanks to all!

     I intend to look into all of your various recomendations.

This really gives me a great place to begin.To me its very frustrating to be going along just fine.And suddenly you come
across a verse that you just dont get.Especially when you know
that there is a book somewhere,that could explain it.(barring obcurity of coarse).Thanks again and keep um comin.Im off to
the book store.
God Bless Joe

I highly recommend learning the Bible from the Daily Mass Readings, and the commentary that I provide on my website. It is very Catholic! Just click on the link below.

There are more books on bible interpretations than probably any other subject ever written on…

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