Is there such a thing as "indeterminate christian"?

I have heard about the term “indeterminate christian” but I am unsure if there is such a term. If there is such a term, I wonder what it means. The only conclusion that I could come up with is that they are Christians whom are non-Catholic and yet not affiliated with a Protistant branch.

Those who are ‘indeterminate’ are : they know what THEY believe in and they can’t find a church that agrees with them, so they basically become Churches of One.

Dear ImperialPhoenix,

I think that those who simply say that they are
Christian, without being allied with a particular
denomination, tend to downplay the importance
of theology, and hence “affiliation.”

They may just love Jesus and try to follow
the commandments and the gospel, in terms
of loving God and their neighbor.

I try to keep in mind the verse from scripture:
“Who are you, to judge Another’s servant?”

Just a thought,


I think that most of us eventually find a “brand” of Christianity, if you will; then there are those who, well, just meander…I was a Christian meanderer for many years. Why?? Because I was too proud to admit that what I really was the whole time was a Methodist. (Thus putting me in the ‘basket’ I was baptized & raised in). I wanted to be original…I wanted to prove that I was smarter than my family.
Then came the Christmas Eve when the whole town was socked in with snow. The local Methodist church was the only one I could get to, without :eek: :eek: :eek: possibly disappearing until spring. I walked in & was at home. You couldn’t take me back to my “indeterminate” days for anything.
So, I think that most of the people that you describe will find a spiritual home one day. Some will be Methodist. Some will be Catholic. Some will be Baptist, or Presbyterian, or will join a “nondenominational” church. I pray for them all. Meandering is a very lonely place to be in.
God bless.

Technically, no. One is either a Christian or one is not. There are people who consider themselves “non-denominational” Christians. Since we live in a cultural setting where the Protestant ethic of independence is stressed above the Catholic ethic of interdependence, “non-denominational” Christians are appearing with greater frequency. As these independent groups have neither widespread appeal nor rootedness, few will survive to have a substantial impact upon society.

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