Is there such a vocation as idiot for God?

I feel an irresistible draw to the idea of being an idiot to many and enduring humiliation for the sake of the gospel and draw people to it in ways where neither intellectual arguments nor emotions can penetrate the hearts and minds. Even when I first received faith I did not mind the idea of being a mad man to many to preach the gospel. I don’t know why I feel this draw. I seem to fundamentally believe that only a fool can educate the wise and learned, and when I read about some of the crazy incomprehensible (at the time) stunts that the prophets did in the Old Testament, I think “Right on!” I sometimes feel like imitating the scenario of the walls of Jericho to government buildings by circling them seven times for seven days just to prove a metaphorical point, or carrying a literal cross wherever I go even if it is stupid. I don’t know if this is just a passing phase or if I am interested in characters like this to write in fiction, but is there such a vocation of being a public idiot for God?

I think that you have a feeling that may die down some over time but it is good that you are willing to live such a life for God’s sake. To me it sounds like a calling to be a missionary or something of the sort. I could be wrong though, so don’t take my words to heart.

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Well, I don’t think there is anything called “Idiot for god”, but Sometimes It does take extreme situations to make people realise things. I mean, if you’re sure you want to risk your life go ahead, but just know that the world today will treat you alot worse, than it treated people who did extreme things (related to faith) hundreds of years ago.

You may want to investigate the lives of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Joseph Cupertino.

His entire goal was to become a “lesser” man. To shake off those things of himself that caused things like pride, sin, etc. The official name of the first Order Franciscans is based on this belief. The M stands for minor to indicate they are “lesser” servants.

St Francis would preach the gospel to whoever would listen, he would encourage people to call him names, This was to help keep him grounded in humility.

St. Joseph Cupertino is someone who most likely would never become a Religious friar in today’s society due to entrance requirements but eventually did. He had many of the attributes similar to what you are talking about.

But make no mistake, neither of these people were actual idiots. St. Francis was an average student before his conversion, raised in a family that had an above average pay grade for the time. St. Joseph Cupertino on the other hand didn’t have good schooling but he wouldn’t be labeled an idiot.

I once knew a woman whose ministry was to be a clown. She went to various churches in that persona and loved people like crazy!

I guess the thing I admire most about the concept is that such a person would despise honor, accolades and reputation, but to do the will of God in spite of humiliation.


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You don’t have to actually be an idiot in order to be mocked as though one in this current age.

Brilliant Catholics quoting Augustine, Aquinas and even Sacred Scripture are mocked regularly in the public media. It even happens on this very board (though not without penalty).

That said, some people may have a genuine call in some sense to be outwardly foolish. The purpose is God’s own, as we will be unlikely to discern that within our lifetimes. St. Francis was regarded a fool by many in his time.

Here is someone who carried a literal cross.

Arthur Blessitt

[BIBLEDRB]10 Here we are, fools for Christ’s sake, while you are the clever ones in Christ; we are weak, while you are strong; you are honoured, while we are disgraced./BIBLEDRB]


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1 Corinthians 4:10

We are fools for Christ’s sake, but you are wise in Christ; we are weak, but you are strong; you are honourable, but we without honour.

What? What? Did someone call my name? :yyeess:

Have you ever watched Godspell?

If my memory is right, in one of the EOs (maybe Russian) Churchs there have been some called ‘Holy Fools’ for God. :slight_smile: :gopray:

:thumbsup: (although the video version is missing the Resurrection :eek: - watch a live production, if possible)

You’re describing what in Holy Orthodoxy are called “Fools for Christ” or “Fools for God.” If you google the title you’ll find more information. I don’t know that Roman Catholics have such a category for some saints thought.

I keep thinking about this…

Have you read about (in detail) St. Francis of Assissi? I don’t think he would have approved the term “idiot” but he really spearheaded what you’re describing here. Omar Englebert and GK Chesterton have good in depth character studies of him.

I would offer (for the sake of guarding against vanity), that this *can be *a bit of an indulgence. It is very romantic, this concept you’re embracing. I’m assuming that you’re a young person (under 30?). Don’t get me wrong–this is a great kind of, for lack of a better word, *mantle *that you’re putting on. I did the same back when I had the energy to throw myself into snowbanks. As long as your focus is on God, and not how cool you look being God’s maverik, I think this is all fine. :smiley: Peace bro.

I missed this. Sorry. I hate giving the same advice twice.

I’ve read about Cupertino as well (he could *fly *:eek:)


But let’s be nice; according to sources, his IQ actually *wasn’t *high. I read that he only was able to enter the Franciscans because they had an oral exam (I think?!?) and they asked him one (1) question and it just happened to be the only question that the knew (I have a biography around here somewhere–if needed I can produce a quote).

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