Is there such thing as luck - good luck and bad luck?


If so, to what degree?

Of course *I *don’t believe in the luck that is related to superstition…such as, “walking under a ladder will give you 10 years of bad luck.”

But what about just finding a suitcase full of $1,000,000? Does everything have to happen for a reason? - wouldn’t this instant be a case of “good luck”?


I would say no, there is no luck.

Things happen either by design, human or Divine (or angelic/demonic…), or by random chance (which may also be attributed to persons, who knows!) but not luck. In my understanding, luck implies a supernatural force that can be manipulated by some means, lucky charms or some other superstition, and is therefore incompatible with the Gospel.


I would say there is luck, in the sense that many random events happen. If most of them turn out good for you, that’s “lucky”, if most turn out bad, it’s “unlucky”. It’s a description of past events.

I don’t think certain people are “lucky” in the sense that random events will always turn out good for them. Also, there is absolutely no way to manipulate luck through charms, etc.

God Bless


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