Is there such thing as "too much fellowship"?


Do you think it is Christian to miss a family event, ie anniverary, birthday etc to attend a church event such as a play or music program? Not Mass or worship service. I know they come first
Where does family come after Worship of God, church or family?


what family event? how close is the family member celebrating the event? do you mean to imply it is unchristian for me, if I live close to a large extended family, to miss every such event, even when there are 2 or 3 on a weekend? If I lived back home I would be attending multiple events each week, somethinge we opted out of years ago for many reasons (dysfunctional family not being the least of these). I hardly think that has any relation to my being an orthodox Christian. Unless it is an immediate family member in your own home, go where you like when you like.


:signofcross: I Dont Want To Inply Anything I Am Just Asking . In General What Comes First Family Or Church Activities? Do You Think There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Fellowship. Thats What I Am Asking. :signofcross:


Depends on the situation. It’s great to be part of a Church family, but if that means ignoring your own family, that’s a bad thing.


In my opinion family should always come first. Outside of a sunday church service/Mass I always choose family first. Their all I’ve got. Thats not to say church events are not good and worthy of attending, they certainly are. I just choose family first.


don’t know what you mean by fellowship.

are you speaking of spending time up at church for social events to the point of neglecting family duties and obligations?


Yes that is exactly what I am talking about.:signofcross:


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