Is there suffering in Heaven?

I’ve been reading about some Church-approved revelations (Fatima and Akita) in which it seems that Jesus and Mary still suffer somehow (not the cross, that was just once on earth) because of the sins of men. Is there really suffering in Heaven, and if so, is it still Heaven if there is suffering?

Jesus “suffers” only in that we, the members of His Body, still suffer. See Acts 9:4. Jesus is “persecuted” in that the members of the Church are persecuted.

But their “suffering” in heaven is not to be compared to any suffering here on earth. Those in heaven feel no pain, grief or loss, but I believe they can empathize with us (as our compassionate Lord and His Mother surely do), and so share in our suffering perhaps in that sense.

Catholic theology teaches that after the final judgment, there will be nothing whatsoever that can be called “suffering” in heaven by any of its inhabitants. Those in heaven will see that all suffering had it’s eternal purpose in glorifying God and perfecting souls by drawing them closer to him. :heaven:

Hope that helps a bit. Grateful to share.

Yours in Jesus through Mary,


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