Is there time for discerning people to shadow Seminary Students?

Hi i was wondering how i could find out if my Local Seminary had a time i could shadow a Seminary Student or just go and look around or something i didnt find anything on their website i probably should call? Houston Texas Seminary is St. Mary’s i believe. Also im 16 and discerning is it really uncommon to join the Priesthood at 18? Will they accept you i would think so but just wondering. Is it better to wait or to go straight in?

Yep it is encouraged that you visit the seminary before you Join the seminary. However you won’t be joing the priesthood till way down the road. you at least have to be 25, and most people who join the seminary out of high school end up getting ordained at 26-27. Keep praying. I would talk to your vocation director first about shadowing, then talk to the Rector of the seminary

Through your parish priest…contact the Vocations director of your diocese…he could make arrangements for a seminary visit for you and give you advice.

Any diocese or religious community should offer seminary visits and/or retreats. My comunity usually does it for holy week or as a vocation retreat weekend.

As well, many religious comunities have a summer or a year of postulancy where you don’t really make any promises but live with the comunity and begin to learn their spirit and norms. Ours, for instance is usually from mid June to just before labor day, then everybody goes home for a few days and those who want to come back, come for an 8-day Ignatian retreat before entering the novitiate.

I don’t know if many dioceses have a similar summer-long discerment program.

God bless.

Br Matthew, LC

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