Is Third Day music Satanic?


So my mom was leafing through a book by these people from the Third Day Movement (the book is about finding God in your life I think) because it was given to me by my psychologist and my mom wanted to review it first.
She was telling me about it and I said, “Oh, I don’t really want to read that”. But I asked her some questions and then mentioned the group Third Day. She then proceeded to say that she had come across a website that said Third Day is a satanic group. I think it is called which seemed like a radical Christian page.

I was just curious is anyone else had heard about Third Day apparently being satanic? I think I’ve listened to several of their songs and never picked that up before. They are played on lots of Christian radio stations and were asked to perform at Papal Youth Day.


There are many whack a doo websites out there.

Ignore them.

Stick with Catholic books, Catholic sources, Catholic music and I think you will rest easier.


The Jesus is Savior site calls everything Satanic unless its Fundamentalist Baptists, and even at that, the author is quite extreme compared to most Fundamentalist Baptists.

Basically, ignore him.


I’m aware that site is crazy. They against the Catholic Church and half of everything happening in the world.
It’s just that I’ve listened to Third Day and it was a shock that they might be satanic.

I figured it was a fraud. I just wanted some clarification. However, that and one other weird site were the only places I could find anything so that should have been a clue.

EDIT: also, as a note (just so anyone knows) I don’t go looking for sites like that. It’s just that my mom had mentioned the Third Day thing when leafing through the book and doing her own search and I wanted to see if it was true. I WILL NOT be reading that book and there was a reason my mom looked at it first. I also do understand that the Third Day Movement is not the same as the Third Day band.


Third Day the music group is fantastic. Quality and content. Third Day the movement, I can’t speak on.

And yeah, that site is loopy. Pay attention to Catholics :joy: (this coming from a Baptist soon-to-be-Catholic!)


Third Day the music group is awesome. They’re finishing up their farewell tour btw.


I wanted to see where the site was coming from and when I went to their main page and scrolled a bit and started seeing anti-Catholic things I got off. Loopy indeed.

Thanks @deMontfort

From what I remember, I enjoyed their music!


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