Is this a call?

I need some guidance in a current situation, any comments would be much appreciated!

I have recently, quite by chance, found myself reading “Signs you are being called to vocation (priesthood brother etc)” on various catholic webpages etc

I don’t have a particular desire to be a priest but I find myself answering yes to most of the usual signs:

-Basic desire to radically give your life to God completely - Yes
-Inner desire to pray more- Yes
-Attraction to things associated with the priesthood (serve, pray with others etc) -Yes
-The idea of the priesthood keeps coming back- Yes (not commonly but it does)
-Attraction to celibate state - “For some people the idea of celibacy comes to mind even before the explicit idea of priesthood” - Yes
-Desire to give life for salvation of others - Yes
-A growing knowledge of the capacity to live the gift from God of lifelong celibacy- Yes

Sometimes (not commonly) I feel maybe I can be more for God without commitments of marriage… And love Him exclusively

A little background: I am currently in a relationship (have been 3 years) with this amazing girl who I love a lot. I am thinking of proposing soon and marrying.
We are both catholic and practice the faith.

I have had a strong experience of Jesus Christ’s victory in helping me overcome my addiction to pornography and teaching me to live chastely. I have never been happier and never thought I could live in the bliss of chastity. It is a miracle for me. And here I began to grow my relationship with God and to love Him!

I don’t want to propose until I am sure it is exactly what God wants… Because in the past I have given him no option and always prayed for a girlfriend (Which he so generously provided).

But I want to know I am doing only His will and not mine. And I want to be completely open to whatever he wants me to do, either consecrated or marriage…

I really love my girlfriend and am very happy with her, but sometimes wonder about giving myself exclusively to God,

What do you think?
Any comments are appreciated!

Thank you!

Well, this is clearly something that needs substantial consideration, you obviously have two incompatible sacraments to look at. From your post it seems like you have been going towards marriage and was only caught out by this book. It sounds to me like you are still on the track towards marriage, but my have discovered a calling to be more involved with your. My, guess you might be called towards the permanent diaconate. From the viewpoint of celibacy, are you just thinking it is one way to give yourself to God or could procreation also be another way to glorify God?

So inspiring! Nothing is impossible for God. Chastity is perhaps the hardest virtue to live, yet God alone can only free us from the grips of the inclinations of the flesh.

No one on CAF will be able to tell you what you should do or what God wills for you; only you can properly discern that and accept or reject. However, people can help lead you to self-discovery and what God created you for. I suggest you speak with the vocations director of your local diocese; every diocese should have one. :thumbsup:

Thank you for the response, yes it could be, and from the viewpoint of celibacy I just think it it amazing how people radically give themselves exclusively to God.
I also think procreation is a wonderful way to glorify God, but celibacy is just more exclusive and has allows to serve with an undivided heart…

Indeed for God nothing is impossible, and thank you for the tips and advice!

Pray for me!

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