Is this a case of stealing?

So I have recently bought a piece of sheet music online from the original composer, and the prompt said the sheet music will be sent to me asap. However, it seems as though the website is outdated, and that I won’t be getting my sheet music. I have found a copy of the sheet music on another website for free, and i don’t know if it would be considered stealing if I use the free version, because I have already bought the piece and supported the composer. Any input would be useful, thanks.

Contact the financial institution who processed your payment. They ought to be able to forward your query to the owner.

Thanks for the reply, but doesn’t a burden of responsibility fall on the composer for not shutting down his website knowing that people could pay money for a song and not receive it?

As I just renewed my domain yesterday, someone is paying to keep that website on air. They may be on vacation, sick, not responding to your queries. You can look up who owns the website

That link is very helpful, I’ll give it a try and try to be patient while waiting for a response. Thanks very much!

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